A little intro to all things ELLA!

Welcome lovelies! I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally be sitting down to write this post! A CovBloggers BLOG! How amazing is this, I am so happy that I am going to be part of this exciting project. I thought what better way to start off than giving you lovely readers, a little intro to all things ME!

Now some of you may know me & some of you are probably reading this thinking who on earth is this person! Well, hi if you don’t know me! I’m Ella a dog loving, coffee obsessed, 21 year old blogger from Birmingham. I am the very proud writer of ellamaybury.com (feel free to take a peep at that later). I thought I would answer 10 questions for you in the hope that by the end of this post you feel like you know me a little better and what I’m all about AND what to expect from me on the CovBloggers Blog.

1: How long have you been blogging?

I have actually been blogging over a year now which is CRAZY! Funny story, I was planning to do a post about celebrating the fact it had been a year since publishing my blog. For some reason I was certain I published my first post at the end of April, so I thought I had enough time to get the post ready. Turns out it was 13th March… typical lol. However, time really does fly when you are having fun… clearly!

2: What made you want to start a blog?

For me, starting a blog had been something I had mentioned every now and again for the longest time but never took the plunge and did it! I grew up watching YouTube rather than TV and forever reading blogs. I knew it was something I loved the idea of but I had no clue how to make it happen. I wanted to make a blog to chat about things I am passionate about like makeup. Although, I also wanted to have my own blog so I had somewhere to just get my thoughts/feelings out! Having people take an interest in what I’m blabbering about was a bonus and so surprising! I honestly wouldn’t look back!

3: What can we expect from you on this blog?

Hmm, well for one you can expect a lot of casual, laid back CHAT! You will find me chatting about makeup, skincare and anything beauty related. I also live on my own in a cute little flat so I will be touching on adorable living for those in their early 20’s, whether you are a student or living alone like me, I got you! However, I also have lots to talk about on some more raw subjects like mental health and other bits which we can save for another day.

4: What is your favourite type of Coffee?

EVERY SINGLE ONE! I just love coffee if I am honest. Whether it’s iced or hot, I don’t mind I will take it. Although, I am partial to a mocha from Starbucks with an extra shot of espresso! I’ve now come to realise that the caffeine no longer has any effect on me… Not that I can tell anyway. That’s probably not a great thing but I am trying to cut back to one a day!

5: What makeup product couldn’t you live without?

Now this is a difficult question. I think I will have to go with foundation. Even though with just that one product I would look like a washed out ghost, but I couldn’t live without it. Purely due to the blemishes & scaring from when I was younger and my skin wasn’t great. So on that basis its foundation for the win.

6: What is your favourite Supermarket when on a budget?

ALDI ALL DAY! I am pretty sure most people will agree with me on this one. Aldi is just the best supermarket ever don’t you think? I mean how can you complain with crispy potato slices for 99p which are unbelievable! Or the caramel chocolate thins for 79p? This supermarket is the best place for me considering my set up. I know I can go there and get a full shop on a budget which will last me ages. Of course for the little luxuries I might pop over the road to Sainsbury’s but no doubt about it. Aldi is the place you’ll find me.

7: What advice would you give to someone moving out at a fairly young age?

The best advice I would give to someone looking to move out would be to do what is going to make you the happiest. The reason I say that is because my home situation wasn’t great at all. It was seriously impacting on my mental health (I can touch on this in another post if you’d?). After my experience with moving out I would 100% say just do it! If it’s going to make you happy and you are in a good position to do so, why not just do it? All I will say is make sure it’s right for you, you can afford to do it and you have planned out how it’ll work in terms of cost before moving.

8: If you could live anywhere in the UK where would you live?

Oh my gosh, of course it would have to be London, but the price! No thank you! This would be my dream place to live in the UK purely because of the opportunities that are in that amazing city. I love how busy it is and all the hustle and bustle of the tube! I seriously love the tube… slightly strange I know. In terms of where in London? I would say Camden (unbelievably arty/diverse) or Kensington (cute houses = cute photos and all that jazz).

9: Dogs or Cats?

As you can probably tell from the picture I am a massive dog lover. The little dog in the picture is Dolly, one of my dogs from back at my moms house. She is honestly my best friend! She’s so hyper but yet so chilled it’s just great. Dolly also talks guys, seriously she talks all the time. Especially when Corrie or Emmerdale comes on!

10: If you could give your younger self a little bit of helpful advice, what would it be?

I could write a book on this question! If I could give my younger self a bit of advice it would be to just chill out lol! When I say this I mean just don’t take things too seriously, don’t rely on others, just enjoy being young and try not to compare yourself to other people around you. As I mentioned I had a difficult time growing up and I really wish I just had more fun when I was growing up rather than playing mom to my siblings. It’s hard sometimes depending on the situation but I would 100% say just chill out and enjoy being young!

I really do hope you enjoyed this first post and you feel like you know me a little bit better! If you did enjoy this and would like to see more of me please do check out my blog here. With that being said if you have any other questions or just want a chat feel free to DM me on my socials (Insta / Twitter) or leave a comment. I want to know if you’re a coffee drinker, dog lover like me?

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