Why I love Igers Coventry & Warwickshire, and you should too!

Igers Coventry and Warwickshire Group photo

What does Igers mean?

Igers Coventry & Warwickshire logo
Instagramers Community logo

Igers is short for Instagramers. According to the Urban Dictionary, an Instagramer is someone who spends extremely long amounts of time on Instagram. Now, I can’t speak for my fellow admin or our Igers followers, but this could be a fairly accurate description of me. One thing that has always puzzled me though, should it be Instagramers or Instagrammers?

Grammatically and pronunciation-wise, I feel like it should be a double consonant to create a short ‘a’ vowel sound. Most websites and blogs tend to use the word Instagrammers with the double consonant. However, you will notice that all of the Instagram communities are called Instagramers of London or Instagramers of Madrid. I think this lack of a double consonant could be due to the fact that Igers Communities were established in Spain in 2011, where their first language is Spanish.

How did I get involved with IgersCoventry & Warwickshire?

Before 2015, I had only dabbled a little with Instagram. I didn’t really understand this particular social media platform or how to use it effectively. In 2013, I remember some of my younger friends actually laughing at me, whilst trying to encourage me to use hashtags. Oh the shame, and it still took me quite a while to figure out what this actually meant and how it worked. In 2015, I noticed that community groups on Instagram arranged photography meetups to explore local places of interest. The adventurer in me was rather excited by this prospect, so I signed up for my first instameet with Birmingham’s Hidden Spaces & IgersBirmingham. If you wish to, you can still find the images from this instameet in my gallery (scroll a long way down). My tagging hadn’t greatly improved by that point since I failed to tag #igersbirmingham or any other local/relevant accounts. I went to this first instameet with my compact camera and my mobile phone. I didn’t really know what I was doing or what to expect, but I loved it and from then I was hooked. Later, I met the admin for Igers Coventry and he encouraged me to attend some local instameets, which evolved into becoming a permanent member of the Igers Coventry & Warwickshire Leadership Team.

Why do I love Igers Coventry and Warwickshire?

Igers Coventry & Warwickshire Kingswood Junction Instameet
Kingswood Junction Instameet 2018
  1. I love being involved with a supportive and friendly community of like-minded people, who share my love of photography, videography, and social media content creation.
  2. It’s fun to be able to discover and have the opportunity to visit new places, or attend different local/special events.
Igers Coventry & Warwickshire at the Botanist Grand Opening November 2018
The Botanist Opening 2018

3. I have learnt new photography and social media skills. Another thing that I love about our community, is that you do not need to be an expert to get involved. We all encourage and help each other to improve. I have learnt many things from other igers, either online or at various instameets.

4. I don’t have to pay any membership fees or subscription, or commit to attending weekly meetups. Our followers have the option to participate much as they like, when they have time, or only with specific things that interest them. Being a member of the Leadership Team involves volunteering my time to help organise instameets, and manage our social media channels. So it’s presently a little less optional for me.

Autumn leaf at Coombe County Park Pool
Autumn Leaf at Coombe Park

5. Our Igers community page encourages people to share and enjoy stunning images of Coventry and Warwickshire. When we feature someone’s image, it can really make their day. We receive lots of positive feedback. It’s lovely to be involved with helping people feel more confident about their photography and their social media content, helping the others to see the local area from a different perspective, and helping people to feel proud of the beauty in our local area.

6. We also promote and celebrate local events and organisations. For example, our next instameet will be at Coventry’s Food & Drink Festival. Keep an eye out for the official announcement coming soon, and be quick to book your place on this limited numbers instameet.

7. It’s easy to join our Igers community, you just need to follow us on Social media. You don’t need to have an Instagram account, you can also find featured images and information posts on our Twitter and Facebook.

Motofest 2017 captured by Regan Thacker @duskyblueskies
Coventry Motofest Instameet 2018

8. Everyone has the opportunity to be featured on our community page, you just need to use our hashtags #igerscoventry or #igerswarwickshire. We will share images taken in our local area, we also share images and stories of local events, and we will share topical or historical information that we feel could be of interest to our community. So, if you capture something interesting on your camera, phone, drone, etc. there is a chance that we could feature it on our gallery.

9. It’s great collaborating with other communities, organisations, and creatives to organise instameets, provide workshops and competitions. We have a networking event planned with Coventry Bloggers in June. Have you signed up for our Picnic in the park yet?

Leamington In Bloom Instameet 2018
Leamington In Bloom instameet 2018

All content and images by Regan Thacker @duskyblueskies

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