Bubble Tea Making with Bubble Boba, Coventry – Gifted Experience

Have you ever tried bubble tea? If not, WHY NOT? I’m Amy from WritingIntoTheEther – and if any of you follow me on Instagram you might know I am a bit of a Bubble Tea Connoisseur… Okay, I’m addicted. I cannot look at a picture of one of those fruity, bubbly beverages without wanting to drive straight to Bubble Boba to get one.

I’ve worked with Bubble Boba for a little while now and they’re such a lovely bunch of people and so committed to their craft! Making incredible bubble tea flavour combinations is their forte, and so they shared just a little of their expertise with us in a Bubble Tea Mocktail Making Luau Party!

This is the second blogger event I’ve hosted with Bubble Boba and they never disappoint! They had all of us trying all the flavour combinations and then having a go at making our own mix! I made the BEST flavour ever (if I do say so myself) – I call it the SUPER GREEN TEA. It’s Honeydew, Apple and Kiwi mixed together – with cantaloupe bubbles!

Not only this, but we also got to try out BUBBLE WAFFLES. Oh my gosh – they’re incredible. I’d had them a million times before, personally… but I couldn’t help but scoff some big mouthfuls of them all! They have fantastic flavours like Oreo, Red Velvet and Unicorn (!) but my absolute fav HAS to be Matcha Green Tea. It’s to die for… and it has mochi inside!

Aren’t we lucky? But don’t worry – you can be lucky too. Bubble Boba are hosting Bubble Tea making Masterclasses and you can your pals can book to go / host a party of your own! Or if you’d rather it be made for you, they’re based in FarGo Village – so be sure to grab one and go and explore.

Thank you so much to the lovely Bubble Boba for hosting and to the lovely ladies (and their partners) who came along! Check out one of CovBloggers other authors, Natalee’s blog and see what she thought of the experience!

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