My top 5 bargains I’ve found in Coventry.

So first, an introduction! My name’s Gemma and I blog over at Just Gem. I’ve been involved in Coventry Bloggers just over a year now and it’s been amazing (but that’s a story for another time) so when the opportunity to become an author on the Coventry Bloggers website I jumped at the chance and when deciding what my first post was to be about it… It came down to a choice between my two of my favourite things…cats and bargains!

And I thought I’d start with bargains, as it’s no sercet I’m bargain mad! You just have to go on my instagram and you’ll find stories full of the bargains I have picked up! So I thought I’d share with you lovely lot my top 5 bargains I found in Coventry.

So let’s get stuck into the bargains shall we?

1. Wickford & Co candles. Home bargains.


It seems everyone and their nan loves Candles! And who can blame them, whether it’s just for decoration, room fragrance, ambience or a mixture of all three…there’s a candle for everyone. I’ve used many different candles over the years and tried so many different brands, from Primark to Yankee candles. and one of my all time favourities is definitely the Wickford & Co candles i found in Home Bargains.

They range in price from 59p to £2.99 for the biggest size which in Yankee Candle prices would be well over £20! And they smell unbelievably amazing! When I first bought them, I thought it smelt great, but I never expected it to have much scent pay off when it was burning but boy was I wrong! They smell amazing and make my flat smell heavenly, and at such a bargain price I ain’t complaining. My favourite scents are the Halloween one from last year, Strawberry cheesecake, Mango Coconut Cooler and the one in the picture, Apple and Raspberry Blush!

Next time you’re in Home Bargains, definitely give them a sniff!

2. Zebra Pens. Poundland.


Stationary is one of my favourite things and when it comes to pens I can be quite picky. I have a fair few novelty pens which I just couldn’t resist and will probably rarely be used, but when it comes to pens that I use for writing, I know what I like and only the best will do.

And my favourite brand for ballpoint pens is definitely Zebra. They write so smoothly and there’s so many different designs and colours to choose from. So when I first found them in Poundland I danced for joy…my favourite pens at a bargain price…yes please! And they usually come in a two pack which means it works out at 50p per pen, so much cheaper than other shops!

3. Yes to Wipes, Poundland.


When I discovered a few Yes To products in Poundland I snapped them up. I bought some of the shampoos, a body wash, micellar water and wipes. So Far I’ve only used the Wipes, but its started a whole love affair with the brand.

One of the main reasons I love the wipes so much is that they are 98% natural and they’re actually biodegradable which is fantastic. In recent years more and more information about the damages that some of the products that we love so much can do to the environment has become available, and this is making people more conscious about the products they buy, myself included.

Small changes matter so I’m glad I discovered these. Since buying them I’ve gone on and bought more yes to products and more wipes from them…their usually about £3.99 which ain’t bad to be honest considering they are biodegradable, but I usually look on for them on offer and then stock up on my favourites.

4. Cat Collars, Wilkos.


I had to sneak cats into this post somehow, afterall, everyone who knows me calls me the crazy cat lady! And as a cat owner with six beautiful furbabies, it can get quite costly at times, especially when unexpected vet bills happen!

So I’ve become a self taught bargain queen when it comes to cats, and one of my best finds is the cat collars in Wilkos. My cats are house cats, but I like them to have collars on just in case they get out or just so I can simply hear where they are at night!

The collars I get come in a range of designs so I can pick something different for each cat, have a safety release crasp (which means if they ever get caught by their collar on something they can break free) and they are between £1.80 and £2, depending on whether its a reflective collar or not. This means I can sort out all six cats for just over a tenner! Makes me one very happy cat mum.

And they last ages, I usually only replace them when they lose them or when they get tatty, which is around about every six months apart from Tonks who manages to destroy hers in about 2-3 months but at that price I really don’t mind.

5. Asos Coat, Scope Charity Shop.

I recently rediscovered my love for charity shops and i’m so glad I did as I wouldn’t have found this beauty. There are so many great charity shops in Coventry, I’ve found some amazing bargains over the years…clothes, shoes, even amazing homeware bargains. They are also a great place to pick up books, hence why my bookcases are overflowing!

But my most recent bargain is definitely one of my favourites, and the fact it was brand new with the tags on just made it even sweeter. I saw the coat on the rail, and I tried to resist it but on closer inspection and seeing the price I couldn’t leave it behind. An Asos winter coat, brand new for only £8.60?! Ummm, yes please! I know we’re only just getting into summer, but I already can’t wait to wear this! Especially paired with my new vans that accidently match the coat. It’s going to be the perfect coat to wear when I have an event in winter and want to stay warm but still look dressed up.

I looked up how much this coat would have been to buy from Asos, and from what I can see it would have been somewhere between £50-£60 which makes this bargain just that little bit even more sweet.

So thats the top five bargains I’ve found in Coventry, I’ll have more posts about bargains and the beautiful city of Coventry soon, but in the mean time go and check out all the other posts by the amazing bloggers from Coventry Bloggers!

Till the next time,


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