Cocktails & Networking – Cov Bloggers April Meet Up

Good afternoon all! I’m pretty sure I don’t just speak for myself when I say how excited I am for this bank holiday. πŸ˜› It’s the last one for a while so I’m definitely going to try and make the most of it.

I’ve posted a couple of times on the Coventry Bloggers blog now, but moving forward I really hope to have my main posts on the 25th of each month. In between I might write other posts about Coventry, but my main one will always be this date.

I’m so excited to write about an amazing event that most of the Cov Bloggers (if not all!) attended one of the bank holidays we had in April. Just before the long Easter bank holiday kicked off we had a lovely event to attend Friday afternoon/evening and boy what a gorgeous day it was! Easter was some of the hottest days we’ve had so far this year so it was nice for the long weekend to kick start with a bunch of gorgeous ladies, beauty related panels and lots of gossip and photos!

The event was held at the Ivy House in Coventry, which I’d never been to before the event. It was a pretty nice pub with a modern feel. When my boyfriend was younger and in his clubbing days he used to go out to the Ivy House and told me how it has a downstairs, which is properly where the event was to be held. Little did I know but it was actually held upstairs, which was pretty nice! It had a lovely little balcony up there with a grass wall, which was amazing taking photos in front of!

I decided to dress up different and wore my new Pinku Kult t-shirt with some leggings and my Dr Martens boots.

I headed to the event with Emily (Coventry Life) so after grabbing a drink from the bar we headed upstairs. There was a table full of freebies (that we could help ourselves to, one each of course) supplied by the gorgeous The Colourful Soap Company as well as Kiss Nails.

Image taken by The Emily Chapters
Image taken by The Emily Chapters
Image taken by The Emily Chapters

We both split up (and met up again!) to go and chat to some of the Cov Bloggers at the event. I went to have a catch up with Amy (Writing into the Either), Kayleigh (Hazelnut Musings), Gemma (Just Gem), as well as the gorgeous Emily (The Emily Chapters) and more! The event was very busy and there were loads of familiar faces, as well as new ones.

It was lovely to have a natter with all the girls, both about the event as well as about things in general, as well as meet some of the girls who I hadn’t met before.

Image taken by TV TREV Photography

One of the main companies who attended the event were Benefit, who were talking all the blogger girls through some beauty tips, as well as doing some demonstrations. There was also a little quiz where if you answered questions correct in relation to both Benefit and beauty, you would win some goodies! This was a really fun moment during the event and even though I don’t wear make up myself, it’s always good to know tips and tricks when it comes to make up to share with friends and family.

Image taken by TV TREV Photography

The Benefit section of the evening was one of the main parts of the evening and it was one everyone sat in to listen and watch. When Benefit finished their demonstration and chatter with us all, it was time for everyone to mingle once more and for the rest of the evening.

Mendi by Naveeda were at the event, which I was excited for the most in all honesty. I’ve never had mendi done before, but have always wanted to. So, as soon a the Benefit event finished I dashed over to the area where Naveeda was set up and I actually think I was the first one to get mendi done at the event!

It took a couple of minutes to do and before I knew it, it was done! It looked amazing but then I was so nervous I would smudge the design and ruin it. Lots of girls after getting their mendi done went outside to try and dry it quicker. It was a gorgeous evening, perfect for the event with cocktails on the go and chatter to be had!

I also thought I’d add how the mendi looked the next day, as it darkened in colour and just looked amazing! I loved rocking it to work after the bank holiday was over and received loads of lovely comments in regards to it.

Amy got her mendi done not long after me, so we made sure to get plenty of photos together of our designs. I loved seeing everyone show off their designs to one another, it was so fab! πŸ˜€

It was soon time for another drink and the one thing I really liked about The Ivy House was a little system they had for downstairs and upstairs regarding payment. Downstairs you could pay with card, however upstairs you couldn’t. BUT this wasn’t an issue – as if you ordered your drink(s) downstairs the staff would give you a receipt to go and claim your drink(s) upstairs. How great is that?! That and no worries about carrying drinks upstairs too.

I ordered myself and Emily (Coventry Life) pina coladas and waited upstairs for them to be made. The cocktails are on a happy hour at The Ivy House and didn’t cost much to be honest for how lovely they were! I love making cocktails at home, especially pina coladas so I’m always excited to try new places versions of them. These were incredible and if it wasn’t for the fact I was heading off earlier than I planned to, I could have easily drunk a few more of these!

Image taken by TV TREV Photography

I just want to touch on how gorgeous the balcony is upstairs in The Ivy House. I’d never been before so wasn’t quite sure what to expect and for a gorgeous Friday afternoon/evening it was glorious out on the balcony. They had some grass walls too, which were PERFECT for to take loads of photos in front of! As you’ll see from the photos, me and Amy took advantage of this and we even took a photo is by far one of my favourites from 2019 so far, this is by the way the last photo in the cluster of three above!


After more nattering and networking with bloggers, it was time to head home! On the table at the event there were some freebies that bloggers were able to pick up to take away with them, these being supplied by The Colourful Soap Company (who I recently reviewed on my blog, you can check that out here), Kiss Nails and Debenhams. I picked up a Tiffany & Co perfume sample, a flower shaped soap that smells of sweeties and candies and a pack of stick on nails. The nails I am most excited about as I have wanted to give these a go for ages! Not going to lie, I’m not a long nail person and as soon as my nails grow long enough I do cut them down. This being said, these will be great to try out soon during a week off work to see how I get on with them… I might even review them!

I know Kayleigh has been in love with the set she received at the event and has fallen in love with them since.

I asked some of the gorgeous bunch over at Coventry Bloggers to let me know their thoughts on the event, as well as share any photos they took during the event.

Image taken by TV TREV Photography

Gemma – Just Gem

Being part of Covbloggers has been a complete game changer for me, so when it comes to the networking events I’m always so excited to meet the other bloggers and just have a good catch up. The April one was amazing, it was lovely helping out and showing the others what was going on. Back when I first joined I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do anything like that, I was always so shy at events but everyone is just so friendly and supportive I grew in confidence in no time πŸ™‚. Covbloggers is like my own little blogger family who I all love dearly and any chance to catch up with them and meet new faces is a good thing.

Image taken by TV TREV Photography

Amy – Writing into the Ether

Events like this really help build a sense of community – you meet like minded people and it’s all super chilled! I’m so glad that I met some lovely bloggers who are in my niche this year!’

Overall I absolutely loved the April networking and cocktail event! It meant I could have an evening out with all the Coventry Bloggers who I love, as well as meet some new ones. Networking is always a great thing to do as a blogger and bringing cocktails into the equation is never a bad thing.


The next event like this will be next month which is Picnic In The Park – where Coventry Bloggers will get together on Saturday 22nd June to eat, network and more! I’m really excited for this evening to be honest with you, especially to spend time with some of my favourite girlies.

It’s the first day of a three day weekend due to bank holiday and I know how I’m going to spend it – gardening and tidying my house! Oh I wish I was networking and drinking cocktails instead. πŸ˜›

I hope you all have a fabulous bank holiday weekend and until next time, take care all!


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