Latin American Delights: Trying out Las Iguana’s New Menu (Gifted Meal)

With new restaurants popping up all over Broadgate, it’s hard to know what to choose! You’re torn between flavours from all over the world – but what I love about Las Iguanas is that you always have a choice. Las Iguanas specialises in cuisine from all over South America – so whether you prefer Brazilian, Mexican, Peruvian or Argentinian cuisine – you’re guaranteed to find something that tickles your fancy.

It’s me! Amy of

When I got the opportunity to try Las Iguana’s new menu, I jumped at the chance! As part of my goals this year, I’ve wanted to try new foods I’d never tried – and what better place than Las Iguanas, where you know the food is delicious and the menu gives you so much choice. It was also my lovely mother’s birthday, so a great opportunity to treat her to a little something special by taking her along with me! (Sorry mum, for making you take tons of pictures of me #bloggerlife…)

So the bit you’ve all been waiting for… What was the new food like?! As you all know if you’ve been there before, the flavours at Las Iguanas are so rich and tasty. We shared starters of (all new) garlic flatbread, ‘Chicharrones’ which are basically like chilli seasoned pork scratchings and SO good… and the shredded duck tacos. Oh my gosh – these were absolutely divine. The tangy, zesty and crunchy salad with the spicy and juicy shredded meat complemented each other so nicely!

For my main, I had the new truffle mac and cheese – it was beautifully presented and so moreish! With each bite you had a different flavour as it was topped with onion, guacamole, peppadews and truffle. Of course I couldn’t possibly eat it all because I was also snacking from my mum’s plate because what she had was EVEN better. She tried the classic Bahian Coconut Chicken Brazillian Curry as her main which pushed her nicely out of her comfort zone of fish and chips. Plus, nowadays Las Iguanas have levelled up the dish! It now comes in a traditional dish above a candle to keep it nice and warm as you chow down.

My mum also got nicely sloshed on the 2 for 1 cocktails. She doesn’t want me to mention that bit – but I told her I have to tell you guys under the oath that I’d give an honest review. She tried the lovely new Tutti Frutti cocktail that I am posing with here (even though I could only have a sip because I was driving) and I had the Apple Mojo-Less Mocktail which was so refreshing. Of course, I had 2 of those too!

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What’s more the staff were super friendly and attentive, even though it got busier as the evening went on, and they kept on top of all our needs throughout the meal. Overall it was a fantastic experience and a restaurant I would definitely choose to visit again! Must be sure not to drive next time so I can take full advantage of the 2 for 1 cocktails!

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