Body Shop Party in a Basket

I’m a huge fan of Body Shop, there is so much to love with amazing products, fair prices and a company with ethics. I’ve used Body Shop for a while so was thrilled when my friend Laura joined up. It’s meant even better prices and I got to take part in ‘Party in a Basket’.

I’d not heard of it before but it was ideal for me as with a busy lifestyle the at home type parties are quite difficult to plan in. Going through an at home consultant is great for location flexibility as well, I work on the outskirts of Coventry and I was able to bring the shopping where I wanted. The idea with the basket was that Laura lent me some of her stock (in a very pretty basket) that I could take into work with some information and order forms so that people could have a browse and make orders if they wanted. It works as a party as any orders get processed together and the host gets a reward which can be put towards items or a sign up pack.

I had the basket at home for a little bit before taking it into work because of the timing of seeing Laura and had to fit it in with things such as working from home and payday. It turned out to be a bit of a bonus because I got to try all the things before taking them in and felt like I was giving myself such a pamper! It also meant I was able to give an opinion on things if people asked when I took them into work.

We have a clear desk policy at work so wasn’t able to leave the samples out but I let everybody know that I had them and sent pictures along with a catalogue. It was fun having people come over and having a try of the products, turns out there are a few people I work with that are fans like me!

My personal favorites from the basket were the ginger clay face mask which was really warm putting it on and helped clear my skin (I put an order in stocking myself up with several of them!), the Vitamin C Skin Reviver which felt amazing (and my sister ended up ordering when she spotted the basket at my house!) and the Pink Grapefruit Body Yogurt which is a bit lighter than the butter and smells incredible.

I had a great time with the basket and people at work seemed to enjoy having a try of the products as well as ordering with the discount. Definitely one to consider if you enjoy the brand too (or if you’ve not really tried Body Shop before and somebody is hosting, go along and have a play!).

Dawn x

Life of a Midlander

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