Top 4 Shops To Buy Cruelty Free Beauty Products In Coventry

For those of you that don’t know I run a cruelty free beauty blog called Hazelnut Musings. I love beauty products, they’re my guilty pleasure, but I hate that most of them are tested on animals. I personally don’t believe in testing on animals purely for vanity, so I choose to only buy products that aren’t tested on animals. I won’t go into too much detail about animal testing here, but let’s just say the poor animals suffer a lot. You can google animal testing if you’d like to look into it more.

Coventry isn’t a big town and it can be hard to find physical shops that stock cruelty free products, so I thought I would share my favourite places with you. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to go into a shop and have a browse instead of looking on the internet. All these shops are in the town centre so they’re easy to get to and you can go around them all in one day. Grab a friend and treat yourself to some cruelty free goodies!


I think the best place to start is Superdrug. All Superdrugs own brand products are cruelty free and they’re also really reasonably priced. Most products are under £10 and you can easily get a whole new skincare routine for around £30 – masks included! I love their skincare range and always end up picking up something new when I’m in there.

For make up they stock Makeup Revolution, GOSH and B. by Superdrug. All of these brands are also pretty cheap so once again you can overhaul your make up for relatively little money. Superdrug usually have some sort of sale on too, for example, buy one get one half price or buy one get one free on most brands, so take advantage of those too!


The ultimate cruelty free brand. Even if you’re not into your cruelty free brands I’d bet that you know LUSH are cruelty free. This is their selling point and it’s great that it’s so prominent in all of their marketing. LUSH are a little bit more expensive than Superdrug and some products I find very expensive, but they are amazing.

I’d recommend starting with their body products – body moisturiser, shower gel and bath bombs. These are all great and they’re what I return to LUSH for again and again. I also rate their facial skincare too and their make up is pretty good too from what I’ve tried. If nothing else just go in for the smell alone!

The Body Shop

Here is another brand that pride themselves on being cruelty free. I’ve had so many trips to The Body Shop in the last few years that I’ve lost count. It was one of the first stores I went to when I went cruelty free and I still love it now. They offer a wide range of skincare and makeup and the assistants are always happy to help if you have any concerns.

They clearly label their ranges, so it’s easy to see which one will suit your skin the best and they’re all grouped together. I would say these are a middle range price bracket but they always have some sort of offer on. They also do a members card where you can collect points and spend them on products once you have enough.


I always think of Debenhams beauty hall as stocking luxury brands and I automatically think that I can’t shop there because they’re not all cruelty free, BUT there are a couple that you can visit. Bare Minerals is my favourite and I love their makeup! They do great foundations and primers and I’ve even tried their skincare before too, although I must admit I don’t know if you can buy the skincare from the one in Coventry.

Another great brand that is stocked there is Urban Decay. If you’re a beauty fan then you’ll definitely have heard of their Naked palettes and I personally love those! Urban Decay is a great brand for makeup and it’s great that you can go in and test them out with the sales assistants too.

Even though Coventry isn’t a huge place for shopping you can still find cruelty free beauty products – you just have to know where to look. These shops are by far my favorites and I hope you’ll have a little wander round them next time you’re in town. I officially give you permission to go shopping! As if you needed another excuse 😉


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