Dinner and Cocktails at Cosy Club! {Gifted}

A restaurant I (Dawn from Life of a Midlander) haven’t been to for food despite it being in Coventry for a while is Cosy Club. I feel like Cosy Club was one of the originals to the food quarter that’s developing in Coventry and has already built up a great reputation for itself so I was thrilled they invited Coventry Bloggers to try the new menu (I actually ended up eating out 4 times that week with events and birthdays but I’m not complaining!).

I love the atmosphere in Cosy Club, even when I’ve been in for drinks before it’s been a great place to go and the restaurant area continued that theme. The lighting, pictures, comfy seating and balcony area are all brilliant so I was happy before we even got onto food and drinks!

There was a good selection of menus, I ordered from the main menu but they also had vegan and gluten free so has a great choice to different requirements. I was so torn with choosing, so many things I wanted (I’m just going to have to go back…) but I settled on one of the new burgers; The Scarlet Pimpernel. It was beef patty with chorizo, cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon and chipotle chilli jam. We also all choose some tapas item to have before our mains and I went for the garlic mushrooms on toasted ciabatta with cream cheese and Parmesan.

Before we got to food though we had a brilliant demo on the new cocktails available. I was on the mocktails (which were very tasty and refreshing) because it was a work night and I was driving but the alcoholic ones looked amazing too. I did have a sneaky sip of the Cosmo and loved it. They are very creative with their cocktails, they are so well presented as well as tasting great. I tried all of the mocktails and my favourites were the Pink Lemonade and Rosehip, Raspberry & Kombucha Tea Cooler. The dried fruit is all done on site and really add a special touch. Absolutely loved the glittery Rhubarb and Elderflower Spritz just for being able to watch it! Bonus points for the compostable straws too.

After our cocktail tour we had our tapas starters and I was very happy with my mushrooms. Beautifully garlicky and the cheeses and ciabatta complemented perfectly. I also tried the squid (which had chorizo and was amazing) and the halloumi sticks. Everybody was really enjoying what they had, the roast turmeric cauliflower proved to be very popular too!

Photo Credit: Emily from The Emily Chapters

I really enjoyed my burger too, it was so juicy and the chorizo and chipotle jam made it quite different to the type of burger I’d normally have. It tasted great and was so filling too, all I could manage of desert was a sample of other people’s!

Desserts that I tried were the berry cheesecake (which was vegan) and the Pimm’s & strawberry trifle. Both were lovely, I was just way too full for my own. I was surprised at how good the cheesecake was considering it’s vegan. Even though I’m not vegan, I’m glad that there is a really improved selection for those that are.

We all had a great evening, food, drinks, atmosphere and company were all amazing. Thank you Cosy Club for having us and keeping us well entertained.


Life of a Midlander

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