Places to go in Coventry on a budget Summer 2019.

Summer has well and truly arrived in Coventry, the sun is shining, the school holidays have began and everyone is in summer mode. And in summer, the desire to go out and do something fun seems to be a lot stronger. Whether it’s something to keep the kids entertained, or a day out with your friends before you all go off to uni or just a summer day out with your favourite people…sometimes these things can end costing a lot and putting a strain on the old purse strings!

So i’ve put together a list of great places to go that have something for everyone of all ages and tastes!

FarGo Village.


FarGo Village is a great place to visit no matter what your budget.  There’s really something for everyone, great places to eat and drink and a vast amount of local businesses so there’s literally something for everyone to enjoy. And they run events all the time, there’s always something exicting going on!


For example, this saturday they have a new event happening, called Simply Sustainable and one of our lovely Coventry Bloggers Emily, from Coventry Life is going to have her own stall selling her incredible art so definitely go and check her stall and the rest of the event out if you can! You can find out more about Simply Suistanable and their other events here.

Muesums and Galleries.

When researching this post I realised there was a lot more muesums and galleries in Coventry than I first realised. There’s the most known ones, The Herbert Art Gallery and Transport Muesum, but there’s also the Watch Muesum, the Coventry Music Muesum, Midland Air Museum and The Lunt Roman fort which used to be one of my favourite places to visit when I was younger. And that’s still not all of them!


There’s something for everyone and all ages, and most of these places are free entry or have a small fee that definitely won’t break the bank! Perfect for a family day out or a trip with friends, or even a date if you fancy something different than the standard date.

Photo by Emily Tyler, from Coventry Life.

The Herbert Art Gallery have an amazing and creative exhibition on the, called Wonder which looks amazing and is on till September 15th so defiinitely go check it out! I’m definitely gonna go check it myself soon! And the Transport Museum has a great interactive exhibition called Move and Play, which is on till November so you have plenty of time to go and explore it! The Transport Muesum does now have a charge, but if you’re local to Coventry you can get a GoCv card which entitles you to free entry still and other discounts!


War Memorial Park & Coombe Abbey.

The war Memorial and Coombe Abbey are both such fantastic places to visit and have so much going on! Whether you just want to just go for a walk around them, take kids to the park or have a picnic…there’s so much choice.

And they both have fun and budget friendly events going on all summer. The War Memorial has a RSPCA Dog show, Spark in the park and zoolab where you can get up close and personal with some Exotic Critters and so much more.


Coombe Abbey Park is huge with so much to do, whether you’re just there for an explore with friends or want to get the kids to burn some of the endless energy they seem to have in the Holidays! Coombe Abbey also have a lot of budget friendly events running too, such as Pond Dipping, and craft sessions such making your own unicorn or rainbow creatures. They also have a miniature garden making session which would be fun for all ages.


If you fancy spending a little bit more money, there’s also Go Ape now which would be great for anyone with a sense of adventure. It’s pretty reasonablely priced to be honest, considering how big the course is and it takes about an hour or two to complete …definitely one to pick if you want to make a day out of it! Bring a picnic and chill out by fields after completing the course!


Coffee Tots.


Finally if you’re out in town and looking for a cheap place to eat and relax after a busy day in town, then head to Coffee Tots in the City Arcade. Coffee Tots is a family friendly cafe that offers free baby and todddler sensory sessions, courses and support and whilst the courses and even though the courses don’t run through the school holidays, they still offer a great menu of food and drinks that won’t break the bank which is great if you have several hungry mouths to feed.

There’s craft activities and toys for children to play with too, and even though it’s a family cafe, everyone is welcome whether you’re a parent or not. And you may see a familar face there too 😉 .

So that’s my top places to go and explore this summer, if you know of any other great places I didn’t mention or any events going on, leave them in the comments to below for others to discover too!

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