The Urge is coming to Coventry!


Our wonderful blogger Ellena form Ellena’s paradise is launching her very own jewellery brand called The Urge. It is a mix of glamour and then sustainability as her products are vegan, ethical and no plastic is involved!

She has been on a journey in her life and came to Coventry to study tourism and has just finished her degree! So well done for that and now she is starting her own business and the website will be going live, so make sure you check it out from tonight here. She talks about how it came about for starting the business on her blog and how she was in quite a dark place. She said “The desire to always do something important or to become someone important was pressuring me. It has been pressuring me for my entire life but last year more than anytime because I found myself in a toxic environment with toxic people always wanting to take advantage of what I am and who I am”.

Screenshot 2019-08-01 at 11.12.24

She managed to pull herself out of that negative mindset which is an accomplishment in itself and says “A depression that changed me completely and actually turned out to be the best thing of my life so far. It opened my eyes to discover, to learn to find who I am and what I want”.

“My whole life changed in a matter of months .. I had the URGE to change something, to do something important, to be confident, and beautiful, to be heard, to help people in need, to love myself, to appreciate what I have and to INSPIRE others by EXPIRING my stories”.

Read more on her brand story here.

Screenshot 2019-08-01 at 11.23.41

A lot of our bloggers will be going to the launch party tonight for The Urge so keep an eye on our instagram and on The Urge’s instagram.



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