I’m SO excited to be writing this blog post for you all. The other week I attended a really exciting and special event to celebrate the launch of the URGE brand. This brand was founded by one of our very own, Ellena, from Ellena’s paradise.

Firstly, I want to tell you all a little bit about the story behind The URGE. This brand was born shortly after Ellena pulled herself out of a really dark place. About a year ago Ellena was struggling with feeling like she wasn’t enough. She had always felt pressure to do something and be someone but wasn’t sure what that thing was. The last year she found herself amongst toxic people and in a toxic environment and she had to learn the hard way but it was so worth it in the end because she found her purpose.

She achieved her dream last year which was to travel to America. She was able to travel and work while learning so much! However, she still didn’t feel enough. She found herself discovering the world, learning new things, meeting new people. Then eventually she figured it out! The most important thing she found out was who she is and what she means to herself. Ellena realised she loves Art and so she started to paint. She started talking to people about how she was feeling and her emotions, she finally felt like she belonged somewhere! Ellena’s life changed in such a short space of time. She had the URGE to change something and to do something important. She wanted to be confident, beautiful and be heard! She wanted to help people in need, help people love who they are and appreciate what they have. This was when the URGE brand was born. You can read Ellena’s full story here.

The URGE brand has launched with their first product which is the Pearl Medusa which you can shop here. It’s vegan, ethical and to top it off – no plastic is involved in the production or packaging. These earrings are the perfect mix of glamour and sustainability. They have been made to make anyone feel beautiful and confident, they truly are a statement piece.

I was so excited when I received the invited to attend the launch. So after I finished work me and Chloe headed off to the Ivy House in Coventry. When we arrived we were greeted by Ellena who was looking totally GLAM! We headed up to the room and it was a pink dream! Cute white petals, glitter, feathers, fairy lights! Pretty much my kinda event!

Ellena had set up the cutest little heart canvas that was painted pink and had The URGE written on it in cute little pearls. She had set out some paint brushes and some paint and had asked everyone to sign their name on the canvas. I thought this was the sweetest idea ever and the loveliest keepsake. It’s safe to say I’m not the best with a paint brush but I tried my best!

We had the opportunity to have a chit chat and a catch up with some fellow bloggers. Me and Chloe were also eyeing up the delicious cupcakes and doughnuts that were set out… we did have one or two. After taking lots of photos Ellena then spoke to us a little bit about the brand and what it’s about and briefly about her story. Ellena had collaborated with some amazing brands and created a beautiful hamper for the raffle which looked insane! When we arrived she gave everyone a raffle ticket so we were all in with a chance of winning.

Before we left Ellena gave us the cutest little goodie bag which had some lovely samples and vouchers inside and the cutest jar of bath salts. I absolutely loved how she had decorated the bag using paints and pearls! Overall, the launch was amazing and I’m so excited to see what else she has to come! Thank you so much Ellena for the invite and letting me share this special moment with you!

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