Ed’s Coffee House – Review

Raise your hand if you regularly spend fortunes in coffee shops. whether they be a chain or independent.

Fair play if you don’t like coffee, but us coffee drinkers all do this. We go into a coffee shop, grab our coffee (hot or cold) and then feel like we need to remortgage the house afterwards due to the cost.

I support both chain and independent coffee shops, purely because I love drinking coffee and if there is one near me, I’ll pop in for a drink whilst I shop. I used to be a barista so coffee is something I always enjoy, especially flat white.

However, I do love making coffee at home too and although I don’t do it as often as I used to when I was a barista, I still do it once in a blue moon. Especially when I have guests over.

If you’re like me and enjoy brewing your own coffee at home with a cafetiere, or even with a coffee machine then you need to make sure to check out Ed’s Coffee House in Coventry.

Throughout the post I’m going to show off how I brew my coffee! 😀

This family run business is located in the Coventry Indoor Market and has been situated in both the Birmingham Market, as well as the Ricoh (right outside GAME).

This is actually one of my friends businesses and let me tell you, as both a friend and a customer I can highly recommend Ed’s Coffee House not just for your coffee fix, but for all the different coffee flavours you can buy to use at home, as well as the coffee that can be made for you at the stall.

The way it works is that you can select the coffee you want to purchase, which can be as little as 100g for you to take home. They can grind the coffee at the stall for you too so you don’t have to worry when you get home about any of that faff. Of course, if you have this facility at home you will be give the whole beans so you can do this at home yourself.

If you don’t have any brewing equipment but would be interested in purchasing some, Ed’s Coffee House even stock items such as the french press, areopress, continental drip filter, tea balls & grinders.

Ed’s Coffee House stock coffees from Kenya, Brazil, Columbia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Indonesia and many more including their flavoured coffees including the popular Irish Cream, French Vanilla, Maple Walnut, Rum, Amaretto and Christmas (seasonally).They also stock instant coffees, brewing equipment. loose leaf teas and hot chocolates.

If you have tried a coffee that you like and you have been unable to find it elsewhere then make sure to pop to Ed’s Coffee House as they will do our best to source it for you.

I will of course be talking about some of the coffee flavours I was gifted to review. They’re so yummy and honestly I cannot advice on a better place to go! I usually pick up my flavoured coffees from TK Maxx, which I thought were good. Oh how wrong I was.

Ed’s Coffee House gifted me 6 coffee grind bags and one tea leaf bag.

3 of the coffees I was gifted are from their main range:

Kona (Grown at 1500ft on the side of the volcano Kilalu’s) – Fine body with mild acidity and a chocolate aftertaste.

Indian Monsoon Malabar (Directly exposed to the monsoon weather in the Malabar region of India excellent as an espresso coffee and blends well with other coffees) – Increased body and reduced acidity with sweet notes.

Old Brown Java (Old brown java was originally used as ballast on the old sailing ships where natural ageing occurred as they sailed to and from Europe) – Smooth with minimum acidity and a heavy body.

I was also gifted some flavoured coffees, which I asked for as I LOVE the flavoured coffee from Ed’s Coffee House! When you drink the coffee you can actually taste the flavour you have picked. I’d never tried caramel before and this was a flavour I was gifted to give a go, as it’s one of their best sellers. It’s amazing and was the perfect coffee to drink whilst playing board games, as well the perfect coffee to serve in the morning after a night with friends.


Creme Brulee


Ed’s Coffee House do also sell tea and kindly gifted me one of their many teas on offer, as well as a tea infuser. I’m not a massive tea fan and personally only drink it when offered or Earl Grey when I’m at home, so this tea made a really nice change!

English Breakfast tea (Traditional English Black Tea) – Well balanced black tea great all day long.

Of course Ed’s Coffee House do stock decaf coffee with their decaf coffees having 97% of the caffeine removed via the CO2 process which helps the bean retain as much flavour as possible

They also sell flavoured coffees in decaf too including, Rum, Irish Cream, Chocolate Caramel, Amaretto and Mexican.

As well as selling coffee beans and ground coffee and tea leaves, they also sell chocolate covered coffee beans too, which are AMAZING! I love the dark chocolate ones the most myself, but they also sell white chocolate, milk chocolate and amaretto flavoured chocolate too.

When it comes to coffee I do always gravitate towards flavoured coffee, which you can never go wrong with if you love drinking coffee.

As I mentioned beforehand, if you ever want to try the coffee before you buy it, you can purchase a coffee with the flavour or coffee bean you fancy giving a go. This will be a normal “americano” coffee with or without milk. However, they only stock the semi-skimmed (green top milk) as this is the best seller. They have tried vegan options and these were hardly used and hence a waste of money. However, if you wanted to take your own milk (for example coconut) to add to your coffee Ed’s Coffee House are more than happy for their buyers to do this!

Make sure to go and pay the guys over at Ed’s Coffee House a visit in the Coventry Indoor Market, close to the Lower Precinct entrance. Make sure to mention that I sent you, as I know that will make them very happy. 🙂

Just a quick one as it’s with a heavy heart that I announce this is my last Coventry Bloggers post as a writer on here… For now… Since April I have just been too busy in my life and whilst it makes a nice change, it means I can’t focus on both my blog and writing here. So, I’ve had to admit defeat and for the time being step down until there comes a time when I can do this again. This means I will write as and when I can, not monthly. Which is nice and it will work for me! 😀

It’s sad, but I am still going to be a part of Coventry Bloggers, no matter what! So make sure to keep eyes peeled on my blog for that content!

Until next time all, I hope you have an amazing weekend and go get coffee! 😛


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