Wagamama’s New Vegan Menu (written by a non vegan!) [Gifted Experience]

Wagamama’s recently invited a group of Coventry Bloggers to try some of their new menu (including the vegan egg!) and I was more than happy to join. If you’ve been reading my posts you’ll know how much I love meeting up with the group and I’ve been to Wagamama loads of times and always had a great time with great food.

Photo Credit: Emily from The Emily Chapters, taken by the lovely staff at Wagamama

Located at Cathedral Lanes, it is in the heart of Coventry City Centre’s foodie area and is so easy to access. It was chucking it down the night we went (you’ll see the umbrellas in the photos later!) but it was easy enough to drive in to get there but there are also plenty of public transport links.

We had sooo much food that night, it was amazing and unbelievably for me, all vegan. I’m not even close to vegan so the fact I choose to eat all vegan and loved it shows what a diverse and creative menu the vegan menus is. We had a selection of starters, a main to share between us, our own choice meal and a selection of deserts.

To start we had Bang Bang Cauliflower, Edamame Beans and Mixed Mushroom + Panko Aubergine Hirata Steamed Buns. The buns were so light and delicious, the beans were really good too and so moorish but it was the cauliflower that stole to show for me. I could have eaten so much of before it! It had some heat to it but fairly mild so don’t be out off by the name if you aren’t heavily into spice. It was so well prepared and the flavours and textures were brilliant. In fact I wish I had some nw writing this!

The shared main was Avant Gard’n which is one of the dishes with the vegan egg and is what I was going to have as my selected meal but as we had a sample I figured I could try something else as well. It was designed in collaboration with Gaz Oakley and is made up of many tasty thing (which I’ll put a picture of the menu for rather than listing here). We tried the egg first as it was such a novelty, we liked that it looked like an egg but wasn’t trying to be an imitation in taste as it was more of a coconut flavour than egg. We mixed everything else up and tucked in, eating way more than I should have with another main meal on the way but it tasted so good!

We also got to try one of the drinks on offer which I wasn’t sure if I would like (especially when I smelt it!) but it was actually really nice and would have again. I’ve put a picture below but it’s difficult to describe it so I’d say if your there give it a try.

The main I ordered was off the vegan menu even though I could choose anything because I was in the mood to try something new and loved the take on the Katsu Curry (Yasai Katsu Curry) which substituted the meat with sweet potato, aubergine and butternut squash, all coated in breadcrumbs. I absolute loved it, in fact Amy from Writing Into the Ether ordered the meat version and we sampled both and I preferred the vegan option so when I want a curry again that’s what I’ll go for!

I was so full at this point (in fact I took some home in a takeaway container for lunch the next day) but we still had pudding to go. I didn’t shy away though, I was especially intrigued by the vegan ice cream which there were two of (chocolate and orange blossom and strawberry and yuzu) along with a mango and matched layer cake which was also very good. I managed to eat quite a lot of desert considering how full I was!

I’m sure you’ve all had enough of my ramblings now so just want to wrap this up by saying what a great night we had, thank you to Wagamama to only for having us but being such brilliant hosts too and for our goodie bags! A very memorable night and looking forward to my next Wagamama meal!


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