You should be dancing…at Saturday Night Fever

If you are heading to Saturday Night Fever anytime soon, then make sure to put on your Boogie Shoes, as you won’t be able to stay off your feet for long.
Set in Bay Ridge, Saturday Night Fever follows the journey of Tony Manero, a young man stuck in a dead end job dreaming of his weekends when he can go to the local disco where he truly shines as the renowned dancer of the venue. Throw in many electrifying dance numbers, The Bee Gees impersonators who could pass for the real thing and a bit of a love triangle and you have the wonder that is Saturday Night Fever.

thumbnail_Saturday Night Fever 17 - Pamela Raith Photography
From the first dance number, I knew that we were in for a treat. Everything about the stage screamed the 70s, from the mirror disco ball to the flared trousers. Richard Winsor, playing Tony, perfectly embodied the role with his slick dance moves and flawless accent. You would have thought that you were in Brooklyn during the 70s, rather than Coventry in 2019. Alongside Winsor, Olivia Fines did a magnificent job of playing Stephanie Mangano, a young woman desperate to leave Bay Ridge and make it big in Manhattan. The chemistry between the pair was electric and I completely fell in love with their story. Their first dance together in the diner was a beautiful scene that set the tone for their initially cautious relationship, showing how much the pair wanted each other secretly (well, on Stephanie’s part anyway, with Tony obviously besotted from the start).

thumbnail_Saturday Night Fever 50 - Pamela Raith Photography
A particular stand out to mention was Jake Byrom, James Kenneth Haughan and Danny Knott, also known as the trio playing The Bee Gees. Each number was astonishing, their voices near perfect to the original trio. If you closed your eyes, I don’t think you would know the difference.
Saturday Night Fever is definitely not a show to be missed! The atmosphere was amazing, with the audience cheering along and tapping their feet to each song. I loved when we all got to get up at the end and dance along (though this may not have been the best for the people behind me with my lack of skills). If you have the chance, check it out for a fantastic night that will leave you grinning for hours after.

thumbnail_Saturday Night Fever 83 - Pamela Raith Photography

5/5 stars

Saturday Night Fever runs at Belgrade Theatre until Saturday 21st September 2019

Photo credit: Pamela Raith

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