The Ballroom Climbing Wall

Earlier this year myself and Pete discovered the Ballroom Climbing Centre in Coventry City Centre and it’s developed into a regular place to be for us. My husband climbed when he was younger and really wanted to pick it back up again. I enjoy climbing but thought I’d just be a now and again climber but I end up coming with him most weeks!

The centre is brilliant, it’s bouldering which is what we enjoy most and it’s a great space with plenty of diverse routes to suit all levels (I am definitely beginner!). They change the routes too so it gives you plenty to come back for.

The atmosphere is so friendly as well, the people who work there are lovely and all the climbers are so friendly. We’ve joined a bit of a group but even when we come on our own there are plenty of people happy to talk and help of you want help with a route. It’s quite nice spurring each other on too, there is plenty of encouragement and I’ve know there to be cheering when somebody completes a route they’ve been struggling with.

Some days are busier than others but there are benefits to each. When it’s busier you sometimes have to wait a turn to go on a wall (although this is never too long as there is plenty of room) but there is more of a social element. When it’s quieter you pretty much have your pick of any wall so if you want to repeat a route to figure it out then that can also be fun.

They do classes which I’ve not been to so can’t say what they are like but there are beginner, intermediate and coaching to choose from as well as a ladies night on Wednesdays.

The routes are graded from V0 which is easiest and as the numbers go up, the harder it gets. I’m on V0 & V1 which are plenty enough to keep me entertained. I’m writing this post at the centre whilst Pete does a bit of extra climbing and there is a route that has been my nemesis. It’s on an overhang and I don’t quite have the strength, technique or mentality for it! Tried it a few times and can only get to a certain point (pictured below). It’s great to persevere with it though and I know I’ll get there at some point! There are a few routes I’ve thought I’d not be able to do then loved it when it be gotten there.

What I really enjoy about climbing is not just that it’s keeping me physically active but mentally active too. There is quite a bit of thinking involved to figure out routes and sometimes I need a bit of help but feel quite proud of myself when I manage to figure it out.

I’d really recommend for anybody to give it a try if you want to try something a bit different. They are on Instagram if you want to check out more photos and some videos. Comment below if you do give it a go, would love to hear about how you get on!


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