Buddy-The Buddy Holly Story

I have never heard so many people singing along to a show that was not a concert and I loved it!
A multi-award winning West End show, we follow the life of Buddy Holly and his phenomenal rise to fame in just 18 months, culminating in his astounding final performance at Clear Lake Iowa.
thumbnail_62 L-R Hannah Price, Harry Boyd, Christopher Weeks, Rhiannon Hopkins, Joshua Barton, Ben Pryer
What a show! With so many talented actors and musicians, it’s hard to know where to start. Everyone flawlessly played their roles, embodying stars of the past and the people around them. While all the actors shone, a particular mention should go out to Harry Boyd, our narrator who played multiple roles from the radio host to the producer who gave Buddy his big break. He moved seamlessly between roles and a range of accents, making the transitions between roles effortlessly and believably.
thumbnail_8156 L-R Hannah Price, AJ Jenks, Joe Butcher, Josh Haberfield
Christopher Weeks, playing Buddy Holly, was an uncanny likeness to the late star, his voice and musician skills perfectly embodying the role. He brought an innocence to the role that truly presented Buddy as he was, believing that his talent was made for more than small time music, while remaining humble when he reached fame. Between the friendships, romance and passion, Christopher Weeks portrayal of Buddy made him endearing and admirable.
Along with the actors, the music was brilliant, making me want to jump out of my seat and dance. Thank goodness we finally got that chance at the end, when everyone in the audience was up on their feet and singing their hearts out.
thumbnail_343 L-R Sasha Latoya, Miguel Angel, Cartier Fraser
From the 50s costumes to the sets, it felt like I was really at a concert back in the day, especially during the second act.
Whether you are a Buddy Holly fan, a lover of the 1950s or even don’t know anything about him, go Johnny go to the Belgrade Theatre and watch this show.

Runs at the Belgrade Theatre Coventry until Saturday 9th November 2019

Photo credit: Buddy-The Buddy Holly Story team

thumbnail_112 Miguel Angel, AJ Jenks, Sasha Latoya, Cartier Fraser

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