How cool was our pottery painting party?

Pottery painting session

Cov Bloggers pottery painting party

In October, members from Coventry Bloggers were invited to attend a discounted pottery painting party with The Cool Pots Co at Esquires in Coventry.

Our pottery painting session at Esquires – Image from @thecoolpotsco

The Cool Pots Co

The Cool Posts Co is a newly established mobile Pottery painting company managed by April. She provides pottery painting sessions for:

  • Children’s parties
  • Baby prints
  • Hen parties
  • Corporate events
  • School bookings
  • Commissions
  • Team building

April only created The Cool Pots Co Facebook Page on 23 April 2019. And it’s already proved tremendously popular, she has attracted 984 followers in about 6 months! That’s amazing, why don’t you give her a follow to help get her past the 1000 mark?

Our Pottery Painting Party

During our pottery painting party, we had a relaxing two hours to design and paint a mug and/or a coaster.

Colour Wheel Chart
Colour Wheel Chart

Before I started, two hours seemed like plenty of time. Afraid, I am a bit artistically challenged when it comes to painting. So, I spent two hours quietly concentrating on trying to perfect the paws on my mug. As a result, I sadly ran out of time to paint my coaster.

Paw prints on pottery mug
Paw Prints on my Mug

This masterpiece took me two hours! I’m a photographer, which means that I like to try and make things look their best. Can you tell?

I would suggest that you think about what design you plan to paint on your pottery before your painting session with Cool Pots Co. You can draw your design in advance and copy it onto your mug, plate or coaster.

If you are a bit artistically challenged like me, the good news is that April will draw a design in pencil for you. So, you would only need to paint!

April talking about drawing designs for Customers

Bespoke designs & Commissions

The Cool Pots Co has a vast range of figurines, plates, mugs, plaques, clocks, posts and more.

Prices start from £8 up to £35, which includes glazing and kiln firing.

April studied Illustration, so her drawings and designs are fabulous! I probably should have told her what I wanted and asked her to draw my design because I am a little bit better at the calming art of colouring in.

Design By April
Design created by April

Despite my low-level painting skills, I had a great time during our pottery painting session and I think my paws mug looks pretty cool.

Art activities are relaxing, and a popular mindfulness tool. Whilst I was focusing deeply on the task of painting, other thoughts and anxieties drifted away. One of the reasons I love photography is because it often helps me de-stress and focus my mind on the beauty before me.

Group bookings for painting parties

Fancy a few hours focusing your energy on feeling calm and creative?

All of the Coventry Bloggers who attended our pottery painting party with The Cool Pots Co had an enjoyable, arty, and relaxing evening.

Pottery painting session
Group pottery painting sessions

In addition to being an incredible painter and illustrator, April is super organised, extremely friendly, and great with families and children.

Why don’t you organise a pottery painting party with The Cool Pots Co? Or commission a special Christmas Gift for a loved one?

Regan Thacker, Dusky blue skies

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