The Yard: Food and Venue Review {Gifted Experience}

A few of the Cov Bloggers, including myself (Dawn from Life of a Midlander) were invited to The Yard in Coventry City Centre to try a selection of food from their new menus, some of which was from the new late night menu.

I’ve not been to the yard before but have heard great things about it and I was really excited to go and see everybody for the first meet up of 2020. I arrived pretty early as I was dropping my husband at climbing which started a bit before our meet up time but I decided to go in anyway and enjoy a glass of wine.

I was instantly comfortable there, it’s beautifully decorated with very natural tones, highlighted with some vibrancy such as the light above the bar and the gorgeous (and very comfortable) chairs. I didn’t take long for me to get my drink and settle in to one of the cosy corners.

It was brilliant meeting up with some of the other bloggers again, always enjoy my evening with them and felt like we hadn’t seen each other for quite a while so we were happily chatting away catching up and taking pictures.

We moved across to one of the larger tables when it came time for food, which was an impressive display of vegan pizzas, chips, salads and falafel bites with hummus. With my wheat intolerance I couldn’t have the pizza but I was straight into the chips, pinching a few as we took pictures! I also had a good portion of salad and the falafel bites. I really enjoyed the salad which is a lot coming from me because I’m quite a fussy salad eater but the falafel bites topped it for me. I’ve not had falafel before so can’t make a comparison but the were so good! Especially with the hummus, I had so many of them.

The next round of food was the new evening menu which included a variety of burgers (chicken, beef & halloumi), mac n cheese, and a few side options such as onion rings. I was a bit more limited on this serving on what I could have but I was able to have the burgers without the bun so I opted for the beef burger which to my delight turned out to be a double burger. I was definitely full when I’d finished so even though I couldn’t try everything I felt I’d had a decent amount and choice but I was told there will be more wheat free and vegan options coming soon so I’ll be back to try those. I heard the Mac n cheese was particularly good.

We spent a bit of time at the venue after eating, we were enjoying catching up, the soundtrack that was playing and Jamie was a brilliant host and showed us around upstairs and was experimenting with cocktails for us.

When it was time to make our way home I decided to try a little experiment on my husband with the vegan pizza. I took my share away with me in a blank box to see if he would notice it was vegan – he did pick up that the cheese wasn’t standard but didn’t link it to being vegan and he still enjoyed it and ate it all!

I’m going to end the blog with a quote from Emily (The Emily Chapters) “Delicious food on the menu and amazing service!” – couldn’t agree more a Emily!


Life of a Midlander

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