Take a pizza of your time and go to Basement Browns- Gifted experience

Coventry is so full of amazing restaurants and Basement Browns is no exception!
From the moment I walked in, I felt immediately welcome with the aroma of delicious pizza and the friendly staff. With the rustic décor and warm lighting, Basement Browns had a relaxed atmosphere that makes you want to stay for hours.
Coventry Bloggers were invited to try the menu, offering up either an Individual pizza with a side or an Inbetweener pizza, and a drink.

pizza 3
Looking at the menu, the choice was almost overwhelming. Everything sounded amazing, from The Cowboy to the Super Mario (yes, I was tempted to order that pizza purely for the name). The sides looked equally fantastic, sweet potato fries and houmous with flatbread being just some of the many options. Between the food and an extensive alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktail menu, I was spoilt for choice.
Starting with a non-alcoholic cocktail, I had the Mango and Pineapple Crush, which was fruity and delicious. If I could have ordered pint sizes of the drink, I would!
pizza 4
After deliberating for quite a while, I chose to order the brand new pizza, The Cowboy (pepperoni, beef and sausage), with a side order of skin-on fries. As soon as it arrived, my mouth was practically watering. From the tangy tomato sauce to the soft base, the pizza was perfection. All the ingredients were fresh and you could really tell, as it was some of the best pizza I have tasted.
A quick food photo shoot from all the bloggers and we were ready to tuck into our pizzas. What can I say, except that everything was amazing?!
An Individual pizza and fries was the perfect amount of food for one person (though I could have happily taken more boxes home to eat the day after). With vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian options also available, there was something there for everyone.pizzas
The staff were helpful and attentive with any questions we had and always had a smile on their face.
For the perfect, relaxed evening out, try Basement Browns in Coventry. It was a brilliant experience and I cannot wait to visit again!

group shot

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