Alternative Ideas for Valentines day

So Valentine’s Day is on Friday, and our socials are gonna be filled with cutesy posts and loved up couples on perfect little (overpriced too) dates and if you’re a single pringle it can become all too much, even if it’s not usually a thing you bother with…seeing all those cute little photos can sometimes make you feel blue.

So I’ve put together a little list of things you can do on Valentines that doesn’t require you to have a partner or date (though you could turn some of them into a friends date) to enjoy!

1. Pamper night.

One perk of being single on Valentines day is you don’t have to spend money on presents or dates, so instead you can spend that money on yourself. Go buy your favourite Lush bath bomb (or other bath bomb you love), buy yourself your favourite tipple and treats. Run a luxurious bath (or if you don’t have a bath…have a really pampering long shower), pamper every inch of yourself and binge watch your favourite show, possibly with a cheeky little take away. Remind yourself that you deserve the world and just induldge in all the self love you can.

woman in a bath tub blowing bubbles
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2. Take yourself out on a date.

So this might one might be one to do before or after if you can’t be bothered to deal with couples, but you could also turn into a friends date. But get dressed up a little, and take yourself out. Go to the cinema, go for a meal or anything you fancy doing. You don’t need a partner or potential partner to go on a date, and sometimes that alone time is so empowering and if you don’t feel comfortable going on your own, invite your single pals along too.

3. Visit a family member that is also alone.

This might seem like a random one, but it’ll make you and them feel better. Especially if it’s an eldery relative who may have been alone for a while or just recently, they might be missing their husband or wife (or anything in between) on Valentines day, so getting a visit from a family member will remind them that their not alone and will quite possibly make their day. Take them some flowers or their favourite treats and just spend a few hours enjoying each others company.

people sitting beside table
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4. Babysit for friends who need a date night.

This is a bit similar to the one above, where you do something for something else. Babysit for friends whose not had a night to themselves in forever, or your siblings with kids. Give them a evening to themselves and then plan some fun activities for you and the kids to enjoy….whether its a movie night with snacks or baking some yummy cakes or just crafting some cute little things with them. It gives your friends a night to themselves to enjoy each others company without stressing and the kids get to have a blast with you, and it might even make you feel all warm and snuggly inside.

5. Throw a Single’s Only Party or Dinner Party.

You’re probably not the only one single on valentines day, so get your favourite people together and throw the best party or dinner party that everyone will want an invite too. You can all get dressed up, make pretty cocktails and just have fun instead of feeling blue.

6. Attend an event aimed at single people.

So some companies realise that not everyone is loved up on Valentines day, and will either plan events before or events on the day that will appeal to everyone, whether their loved up or not. One of these events is Ziferblat’s Alternative Valentines. Ziferblat is new to Coventry and is one of my favourite new additions to the city centre.


It’s a pay per minute co working space where you just pay for however long you stay, and everything else is including in the price. It is so afforable and such a lovely space and for Valentines day they have a Alternative Valentines event happening between 6-8pm. There will be speed friending which sounds much more fun than speed dating, a film screening of a Charlie Chaplin film and if you pay £8 instead of the usual rates, you get added Bubbleboba Bubble Tea & Pizza on top of all the usual free unlimited hot drinks and snacks. It sounds like the perfect night, whether you go alone and make new friends, or go along with a friend and just have a relaxed evening.

And finally, just remember to love yourself. Think about all the great things that make you you, and realise that being single is also a blessing. You don’t need to be loved up to be happy and having some time to focus on your needs and wants is never a bad thing, you can learn what you want in a partner and what you have to offer and you won’t settle for just anyone because you don’t want to be alone.

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