Herbert Art Gallery – Quinn: A Journey

Thursday evening I went to a private event at the Herbert Art Gallery for the launch of their new exhibition Quinn: A Journey by artist and photographer Lottie Davies.

The installation is described as “the fictional story of a young man, William Henry Quin, who walks from the south west of England to the far north of Scotland in post-Second World War Britain. Although fictional, the work responds to the real world experiences of young men and women post-trauma in the early 20th century and now.” [The Herbert Art Gallery].

Lottie Davies

Once we’d settled with a drink there were a couple of talks about the exhibit before we then entered to see. Something that really stood out to me from he talk was that post-war and now are very different times but current day we still have very real traumas and we are more self aware around issues such as mental health so whilst I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be in post war era, there are certain aspects that’s are relatable.

Moving onto the exhibit itself, we walked through and were met with an individual moving picture of Quin on the coast with fairly rough seas – the beginning of the journey.

Moving round it then opens up into a big space with all the immersive displays. We walked round following Quinn’s journey, across many different landscapes and conditions. There were some pictures where there was a sound system above you and you were really pulled into the scene with the sound of the grass as it moves or the lapping of the waves, it’s really one to be there as get involved with. I loved how nature based the exhibit was, reminded me of my own journeys when I’ve been hiking.

There was a table of old keys with a note to take one with us so I’ve brought one home which I thought was pretty cool, like being involved in the journey and taking a part of it with us.

There was also a section of the exhibit that acted as a display, one of my favourite items were some stones & shells from the journey. It also let through to a room which was set up like one of the cottages Quinn stayed in with quotes all over the walls. We were free to feel and be a part of Quinn’s world in this part.

Picture taken by Regan of Dusky Blue Skies

The final room was a huge display that ended the journey with Quinn walking to the Scottish coastline.

I must admit, I didn’t think I would spend a huge amount of time at the exhibit because I was knackered from work but I’m really happy I went because I ended up really absorbed and was one of the last ones to leave! Prefer to do something interesting with my evening than just sitting on the sofa and this event helped make more of my week.

Even though I was there on invite the event is free to anybody from 14th Feb to 31st May so I’d highly recommend going along. Because of its immersive nature the pictures can’t really do justice to actually being there so it’s well worth a visit. Something a bit different and interesting and budget friendly too.

Picture taken by Regan of Dusky Blue Skies


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