Dodo Pizza Coventry: A Review #AD


So, you’ve come back from a long day of doing what you do best (whatever that may be) and it’s time to cook some dinner. Something quick maybe, beans on toast? A pasta dish? Microwave rice? OR PIZZA?! Last week, I was kindly gifted the opportunity to try the winter pizza deal from Dodo Pizza Coventry. It completely transformed a standard weekday evening in my home; here is a little review on my experience! Enjoy!

Dodo Pizza Coventry are currently offering a fab Winter deal, with any 2 medium pizzas and 2 regular sides for just £19.98! Now, it’s not my place to tell you whether or not you should share this, or whether you want to devour it alone, but something I can do is share with you my experiences with the service, food and overall experience.

As a student I often find myself struggling to decide what to eat, especially when it concerns cost, because adulthood taught me that I can’t survive on takeaways every day, no matter how tempting it is. With Dodo Pizza, for under £20, the delivery driver turned up with enough food to feed the five hundred. Okay, not quite, but you get the gist, right? Whether you’re having a lazy day in, a feast after a long day of work or a pizza party with your pals, Dodo Pizza Coventry provides a variety of pizzas, catering for all meat lovers, vegetarians, vegans and gluten free diners at an affordable price. Dodo pizza has an online ordering system and an app, bringing the process of ordering a pizza to your fingertips. I placed my order online and ordered a ‘Cheese & Tomato’ with marinara sauce, cherry tomatoes, extra mozzarella and oregano and a ‘Veggie Hot’ with marinara sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, chilli peppers, red onions, green peppers and cherry tomatoes and a side of wedges and garlic bread topped with mozzarella. Me being me, I removed most of the vegetables from the second pizza because I only really like red onions and peppers. As I placed my order, which was kindly gifted to me, I was able to watch my pizzas being prepared in the kitchen through the live camera feature on the Dodo Pizza website. (Technology is developing wayyyyyyy faster than I can keep up!)

After placing my order, my estimated delivery time was 1 hour. To my surprise, only 40 minutes later I saw the shadow of the vibrant Dodo Pizza boxes at my front door and I was ready to tuck right in. Despite being delivered from the city centre, my food was warm and perfectly cooked, demonstrated perfectly by my cheese pull shot below. If that wasn’t enough to tempt you, the veggie pizza and side of wedges especially were a 10/10 from me, with the fresh vegetables, a generous amount of warm melted cheese and the perfect amount of soft/crunch ratio of the wedges. Of course, I couldn’t hide the food from the gaze of my siblings who demolished half the pizza before I even got back from fetching the dips. A message from my sister, ‘the wedges are absolutely beautiful,’ you heard it here first!

Overall, the service, the ordering process and the quality of the food was exceptional. I finished my meal and was left with empty boxes; a happy stomach, and a new favourite go-to pizza take out. Unlike most pizza chains, the food left me feeling full and not overly bloated because of the soft dough that wasn’t heavy or stodgy. For the next time, (which I can assure will be very soon) I am super excited to explore not only the other pizza toppings but especially the desserts. I have my eye on the ‘Choco cookie dough and ice cream.’ Visit Dodo Pizza Coventry to make the most of the winter deal. Treat yourself or if you’re feeling generous, your family and friends to 2 regular pizzas and 2 sides of your choice, for only £19.98, using the promo code: 19FAV.

Mariam xoxo

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