Foodie Review: Heavenly Desserts

Now all things considered, I’m more of a savoury kind of gal – I’d choose chips or hummus and pitta over chocolate any day of the week. But I have a bit of a weakness for cookie dough, so when I heard that a new restaurant serving all-things-sweet was coming to town (and even better, that the first 300 customers who downloaded the app would get a voucher for a free dessert) I had to indulge.

Heavenly Desserts is a franchise with branches all over England, including Leicester, Birmingham, Manchester… and now Coventry, with our local branch opening on Corporation Street on 4th July 2020. On first impressions, the store looks fantastic – the interior has been decorated to a luxurious, high-class standard, with blue velvet seating and gleaming marble-effect tables. I did feel a little bit like a celebrity when I was sat in there! The staff were very welcoming as well, and were all appropriately kitted-out in Personal Protective Equipment in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Heavenly Desserts interior – photo by Aaron Law

We took a seat at our table, and glanced over the very extensive menu – in fact, there was so much choice, that I sat there dumbfounded for about 10 minutes! I had set my heart on cookie dough since before I arrived, but there were about six variations to choose from, as well as a vast selection of waffles (Belgian or American), crepes, cakes, ice cream sundaes, tarts and cheesecakes. In the end, I opted for the ‘Rocher Royale’ cookie dough, and my friend chose a strawberry cheesecake.

Our Heavenly Desserts!

In addition to their glorious selection of sweet treats, Heavenly Desserts also offer a large variety of drinks options – from mocktails and smoothies, to coffees & teas (hot or cold), to a vast range of milkshakes made with ice cream and different toppings. I ordered an Earl Grey tea latte, and was pleasantly surprised to find out that the tea offered by Heavenly Desserts is their own brand, which you can actually purchase in store to make at home if you wish.

Unfortunately, there were a couple of issues raised during our visit – I was informed that the restaurant were out of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, and so I had to select another topping for my cookie dough. I opted for caramelised hazelnuts, but unfortunately, these were not available either! This wasn’t really a huge issue for me and the staff were very apologetic, and explained that their deliveries had been restricted due to the COVID-19 epidemic. I was offered an extra scoop of gelato instead, and chose a hazelnut-flavoured one which was absolutely delicious – as was the cookie dough, which was warm, gooey, chocolate-y, and everything I wanted from a dessert!

The second hiccup came when I was served an ordinary cup of Earl Grey tea, rather than the tea latte which I had ordered. I didn’t raise this with the staff and enjoyed the tea, however, when I had paid up and left I noticed on my receipt that I had been charged for the latte. This didn’t really bother me too much and I chalked it down to the staff still getting their heads around the menu.

All in all, I really enjoyed my visit to Heavenly Desserts – the food was yummy, the decor of the restaurant was fabulous, and I got my cookie dough for free due to a promotion the restaurant was running, so I was very happy! There were a few teething problems, but in fairness, the restaurant had only just opened and there were extra challenges due to the COVID-19 restrictions. I think in time, things will improve and the restaurant will be a huge success.

Heavenly Desserts would be a perfect location for a date-night treat, catch up with friends, or just if you fancy giving yourself some sugar-loaded self-care!

Foodie Rating: 3.5/5

By Ashleigh Goodall (Instagram – @covfoodie)

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