Relax and Paint at The Nook Urban Retreat

A new addition to the sessions they provide is a Relax and Paint, an art workshop that focuses on channeling your creativity and relaxation. In such a busy society that seems focused on work and reaching that next goal, our creativity can quite often be overlooked or completely forgotten as we focus on not missing out on the next big thing. So something like Relax and Paint is exactly what we need right now. Personally for myself, focusing on something creative, whether it’s been something crafty or just simply colouring, has helped me relax myself when my head has become overwhelmed by everything going on. 

So i was excited to be invited along to their first session to see what it was about and create my own little masterpiece. I am definitely not the most artistic person, but I have always enjoyed being creative so I was excited to see what I could create and just spend two hours focused on nothing but creating my own landscape art with acrylics. 

This was my first proper outing since lockdown had started to ease, so I was a little apprehensive about being around other people that weren’t in my bubble again, but straight away I was put to ease. The staff told us about all the precautions they had taken so we could all safely social distance from each other and we were directed to use the hand sanitizer provided before going any further into the building. 

The workshop itself was a two hour session, where we got to practise techniques before we started on our canvas to create our own masterpiece, whilst enjoying the sweet treats and tea they kindly provided. 

The workshop was lead by Kiran, who is an incredible artist and the loveliest person, I highly recommend going to check out her work! She guided us through every step of working with acrylics, starting from mixing the perfect colour and practicing the different strokes and methods to build up our picture,layer by layer.

 And when we were ready, we started to build our landscape sunset painting on the canvas. I loved how relaxed and laid back the whole experience was, it wasn’t about painting the perfect picture or matching Kiran’s design. The focus was completely on relaxing and creating something unique to you, giving you a space to let your creativity flow without all the pressures of the outside world distracting you .

Kiran was incredible and so supportive, walking around as she showed us different techniques and encouraged us at every step, which honestly really helped me as i kept looking around at the others painting and getting discouraged about my own work but she helped me to feel confident in what I have created which helped me stay relaxed. Mine might not have been the picture perfect piece, but with Kiran’s encouragement i created something I was proud to have created and can’t wait to find a place to put it up in my flat.

Overall this was the perfect break from reality I needed right at that moment, two hours to myself where what was going on in the world didn’t cause me to panic and i just spent time letting my creativity flow and my mind to rest. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone, especially if you need a small break from everything right now. The next workshop is a floral water colour session on the 25th July, tickets are on sale now so definitely go snap one up before they sell out. 

As i mentioned above they will start to reopen for yoga sessions on the 25th too, but they also have a selection on demand courses online on their website, including an art class with Kiran and different types of yoga and meditation practices, all that you can do in the comfort of your own home. They are all completely free or you are welcome to make a donation via them towards NHS Charities Together which i think is amazing, and your donation will be matched onto a giftcard for The Nook Urban Retreat for when they re-open.

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