Coventry Roofers – Why They Would Be My Pick | Ad

(Photo provided by Coventry Roofers)

Whenever we’ve tried to get anything done with the roof in the past it’s been an absolute nightmare. Between avoiding the cowboys, getting companies to respond, poor quality and not getting charged through the nose for something that doesn’t really need doing it’s an absolute minefield. 

Coventry Roofers look to be a company that avoids these pitfalls which is great because lets face it, when it comes to the roofs over our heads, we want it to do a solid job!

I’ve been doing my research on Coventry Roofers and it’s one I’ll be going to in future if we have any roofing requirements and here is why…

They are a local company and I’ve been making more of an effort recently to support local businesses as it creates a more healthy local economy and your business is more valued by the owners and employees so you generally get better quality and service.

(Photo provided by Coventry Roofers)

They are an experienced company that pride themselves on their workmanship, something so vital when it comes to something as important as your roof. They strive to maintain those levels of service and workmanship because they rely on those positive experiences to survive as a company. Our roofs are such a vital part to keeping the elements out of our homes and so the quality of work done on the roof needs to be at its best.

(Photo provided by Coventry Roofers)

Their affordability is something they are proud of too. They provide free quotations so you know they will give a competitive price and are not after a quick buck. I’ve always been about value for money rather than the cheapest – for me it’s about getting the right balance of quality but not getting overcharged because often going for the cheapest means they cut corners and something is likely to go wrong or need doing again sooner than you’d want. Looking at Coventry Roofers they hit the nail on the head here, giving affordable quotes but not at the compromise of what you receive.

(Photo provided by Coventry Roofers)

There are a huge range of services and products that they provide so anything we need, they will likely cover. From roof repairs and new roofs to facias and soffits and chimney repairs, they look like they’d have us covered. We don’t have a conservatory but they also provide replacement roofs for these if you were to need it.

(Photo provided by Coventry Roofers)

For me, all of these things point to a reliable company but what really tips the scales here is all the reviews that I’ve looked at have been brilliant. Five star and saying how honest and efficient they were. Exactly what I would want from a roof company. I also think that the fact they don’t charge until the work is done and everything is safely cleared is a great sign because they must be confident in the work if they don’t take a penny up front.

(Photo provided by Coventry Roofers)

If you want a free quote or want more detail on the work they do check out the website Coventry Roofers. They also have a 24 hour emergency line at 024 7695 0477.

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