Happy Halloween!

Like a lot of other things this year, Halloween is going to look quite different. Far from being cancelled though here are some things I will be doing to celebrate the spooky season whilst staying safe.

Decorating the house will be the first step, nothing overboard (although go for it if that’s what you’d enjoy!). I have some little bits from when I’ve been to the pumpkin farm in the past and may order a couple of other things for the living room, porch and front window.

It’s always an option to get a bit crafty with decorations too, simple things like cut out bats or drawings. I’ve crocheted some pumpkins to go with my fresh ones.

On the night we’ll also put a pumpkin on display for the kids to find. There is an official pumpkin trail going on in our area but I was a bit slow off the mark to join in on that but figured it would still be fun to do a display. There is a sign that’s been designed for our area to put up that we are displaying a pumpkin but not doing trick or treat this year which I thought was a good idea, just a friendly notice that we need to stay distanced.

I’ll also do something to dress up for the occasion although I’m undecided to what level. I have a horror top I can wear that’s good for understated but on theme or I can wear a dark dress and witches hat for something more dressy but easy to do. I’ve bought some jewellery from my friends new company Obsidian Hollow which are ideal for Halloween as well.

Hocus Pocus and Practical Magic are must watches for me around Halloween and I may stick on a horror but probably something I’ve not seen before. Let me know if you have any recommendations!

Pumpkin carving is a must for me, I’ve done it every year since I was a kid and will be doing the same this year. Remember not to throw your pumpkins away after though, sit them outside for the wildlife to feed from! I’ll probably make a soup out of the uncarved pumpkins too.

I’m not signed up to any events to attend but there are quite a lot going on which are set up to account for the restrictions. If you fancy joining in with something check your local venues to see what’s taking place.

Dawn – Life of a Midlander

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