Foodie Review: London Burger Kitchen (LBK)

Listen up Coventrians… there’s a NEW burger joint in town! Located inside Broadstreet Rugby Club in Binley Woods, London Burger Kitchen (LBK) specialise in loaded American-style burgers. However, on Wednesdays they offer all-you-can-eat chicken wings, and I was lucky enough to grab a plate just before Lockdown 2.0 put a stop to eat-in dining.

There are currently only two branches of LBK – one in London, and one in Binley Woods. However, Chef/Owner Joe told me that his vision is for there to be an LBK in “every major city in the UK”, revealing plans to open on high streets in Leicester, Derby, Loughborough and Leamington Spa amongst others… so watch this space!

On first impressions, I felt a little unsure about LBK… was I in the right place?! The restaurant is located inside the clubhouse at Broadstreet RFC, so if you do visit, rest assured, Google Maps hasn’t got you lost! I visited LBK on a Wednesday, which meant the only savoury food they were serving was chicken tenders & wings. This is important to know if you plan on going to try one of LBK’s speciality burgers or loaded fries – they aren’t available on Wednesdays!

The way that ‘Wings Wednesday’ works is you pay £5.99, and you get unlimited chicken wings and/or chicken tenders. These are cooked fresh, and arrive at your table piping hot. You can also choose for your chicken to be served with BBQ sauce or Frank’s Hot Sauce! Me and my partner ordered one of of each to start with, and I have to say, both the tenders and the wings were absolutely delicious! The wings were crispy and the tenders were cooked to perfection. Of the two, the tenders were definitely my favourite – sadly though, it appeared that was the case for everyone else in the restaurant, as the tenders sold out after I had my first portion. 😦

Chicken Tenders with Frank’s Hot Sauce and BBQ Chicken Wings

Once we had finished our first round, we ordered a second round of chicken wings. As these were cooked fresh, we had to wait around 15 – 20 minutes for these to be ready. We decided we didn’t want to wait again for a third round, so although we were still peckish, we decided to conclude the meal and order desserts. LBK serve a variety of different desserts which apparently come from America! I ordered a chocolate fudge cake and my partner had apple pie, both served with squirty cream and ice cream. I can honestly, hand-on-heart say that it was the BEST chocolate fudge cake I have ever had… it was moist, gooey, rich and super chocolatey. Exactly as it should be!

Chocolate Fudge Cake & Apple Pie!

In addition to these decadent desserts, LBK also serve a vast selection of American-style milkshakes, including Nutella, Lotus Biscoff and Oreo. My partner, being the milkshake connoisseur that he is, couldn’t leave without sampling one of LBK’s milkshakes – keeping it simple and just ordering a plain chocolate one. Unfortunately we had to wait a long time for this (and my drink) to arrive; however, it was worth it.

Joe’s chocolate milkshake

All in all, LBK was a friendly and welcoming place to eat, and has been decorated really nicely to create a modern, relaxed atmosphere. The service was quite slow, not just for food (which I understood as the wings/tenders were cooked fresh to order), but also for the drinks, which we had to wait around half an hour for. This was a shame and put a bit of a dampener on the evening. However, the food was amazing – the desserts were out of this world, and the chicken wings and tenders were absolutely delicious. This being said, we could have done with some carbs on the side to fill us up a little bit more – LBK’s loaded fries would have gone down a treat, if they were being served! If I was to come on ‘Wings Wednesday’ again, I think I would eat beforehand and order the wings as a snack to share with friends. However, LBK’s speciality burgers look absolutely amazing, and I definitely want to come back and give these a try!

Foodie Rating: 3/5

By Ashleigh Goodall (Instagram – @covfoodie)

All food and drink received at LBK was given free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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