Sunday Small Business Spotlight – Whimsical Rainbow

Every month we will shine a light and spread the word about small businesses in Coventry.  

Introducing…Whimsical Rainbow. Whimsical Rainbow specialise in rainbow goodies mainly crocheted but also macramé, pom-pom crafts and anything using fibre! The goodies can be decorative, used in play and practical too!

Whimsical Rainbow began in January 2018, the opportune moment to make hats and scarves to keep everyone warm. I had seen a beautiful rainbow infinity scarf on pinterest and approached Kasia at Whimsical Rainbow to ask if she would be able to create one for me. I remember receiving the beautifully packaged scarf in the post and I have had it ever since! I have popped it in the wash a few times, traipsed around a few National Trusts, and it is still as bright, with hardly any signs of wear!

The person behind Whimsical Rainbow, as I have already mentioned, is the wonderful Kasia. I was lucky to know Kasia through our shared interests of cloth nappies and our love of bright clothing. Kasia’s love of nature shines through in her products as she reflects the seasons in the products that she curates.

With spring approaching Kasia has recently uploaded stunning spring offerings that can be displayed upon nature tables or used in flat-lays for social media; handmade daffodils, crocuses, primroses, violets, leaves and butterflies.     

Kasia is a big believer in eco-living making reusable make-up wipes, body scrubbers and cloths. The products are colourful and reusable. You can find her eco-range stocked at COGS, a zero waste stall that can be found within Coventry Market.

From a complete non-creator, the tiny handmade outfits Kasia makes appear to be the most intricate to make. Upon NuMonday you can find the various handmade offerings for outfits and hats for tiny peg dolls carefully crafted for Eco Peggies UK, Cliques and Grapat Nins.

One of my favourite products has to be the rainbow pumpkins.

What are you waiting for…go check them out!

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