Local Talent Spotlight – YNES

YNES describes herself as an amateur musician and professional f*ck up. She is a DIY musician born and based in Coventry. Although we didn’t get to sit down face to face, we did get the opportunity to ask her some questions about herself and Coventry. Moving away and coming back to the city has inspired her to be more creative and expressive here “as there is creativity, it’s just often not recognised outside of the city. I hope with everything moving forward in 2021 that Coventry gets the credit it deserves for the creative projects it produces!”

What first got you into music?

I had so many emotions as a teenager and I found that listening to music was what helped me through those years. After a while I started writing my own stuff to relate to more, but never really pursued it by releasing it or anything. I reached a point around two years ago where I realised I wanted to put more time into this while I can, so here I am!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I guess through my own experiences mainly – either that or observations of others’ situations. I’m such an emotional person, not in a sad/upset way, I just feel *a lot* all the time – so I find it’s a really helpful way for me to channel this. 

What is your creative process?

I usually get a phrase in my head which I’ll note down and work from that really. So with my single ‘Pretty Sure’, I just had the phrase ‘well I’m pretty sure she’s not the one to blame’ or something along those lines. Which I wrote down and then wrote the track around that concept.

Tell me about your new song, Better Job?

I wrote the track after seeing the government’s lack of support towards the creative industry during the current pandemic. A lot of creatives are of course feeling the effects, and have had to readjust as the industry basically disappeared overnight. As mentioned with my writing process, I had the phrase ‘maybe I should get a real job, a better job’ in my head which I then wrote into a full track!

Are you missing live events and everything being shut down from the pandemic?

Yeah, it’s weird to adjust to. Of course I’m trying to stay busy and adjust to using social media but it’s obviously not the same as gigs! I can’t wait to return to live events to be honest.

How do you feel social media such as Instagram and TikTok has changed the music business with it’s ability for sharing creativity?

I think it’s definitely useful in some sense. My only worry is how short our attention spans are becoming. Sometimes I can’t convince people to listen to a track for 3 minutes. But I can spend time creating a 30 second clip to grab their attention. Of course all publicity is good publicity, but sometimes I wonder how useful it actually is and how much of it is about popularity. The people who are good at socials definitely hold an advantage!

What are you most proud of to date?

I released a remix of my track ‘Pretty Sure’ with GIRLI – who is one of my biggest inspirations – so that was pretty crazy for me!

If you didn’t become a musician what would you be doing now?

I’ve no idea! Probably still working in restaurant management – so I’d technically be better off but I wouldn’t be very fulfilled. 

If you could collaborate with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be?

I have to say Aerosmith because they’ve been my number ones forever.

You were born in Coventry, what would you say is your favourite thing about the city and how it’s developing?

I really believe there’s a spirit here in wanting to do better, in wanting to create. Coventry gets a lot of criticism for not being as lively as other major cities, but I really think this pushes people to be more creative and proactive within themselves. With the developments coming up, you can sense the anticipation as I think it’s been long-awaited and will be welcomed thoroughly by people within the city. 

What are your fondest music memories?

GIGS! Honestly gigs, rehearsals, recording, everything we can’t do at the moment! Aside from that on a day-to-day level, sitting at home dancing around like an idiot to anything.

Check out YNES and her music online for now, and hopefully live events in the future!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ynesmusic

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ynesmusic/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw-M1S9g9H02apTngNESiiw

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2ukJzJDevcB7E15Faimcrd?si=0v_I-W0MRZCPHlxfO7i93w

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