Sunday Small Business Spotlight: Moon Macarons

Introducing Coventry’s ONLY independent macaron maker!

This week, I was introduced to ‘Moon Macarons’, a new Walsgrave-based start-up owned by Paula Kelsey. Like many people, the COVID-19 pandemic freed up a lot of time for Paula to explore new hobbies, and through this she discovered a love of baking. Paula’s creative culinary experiments introduced her to the art of macaron-making in Summer 2020, and she instantly fell in love with the intricacy and complexity of this French meringue-based confectionary. Which, by the way, is not to be confused with a macaroon – an Italian cookie made from desiccated coconut or ground almonds and often flavoured with glace cherries, chocolate or jam.

Macarons are notoriously difficult to make – despite only containing a handful of ingredients, the technique required to make them is incredibly sensitive. A huge amount of patience and precision is required and the risk of your macarons becoming a great big flop is high. But Paula was able to successfully master the art of macaron-making and thus, a Moon was born! With a little nudge from her friends and family, Paula eventually took the plunge and set up Moon Macarons in December 2020. I like the name ‘Moon Macarons’ as it reminds me of the dreamy, heavenly treat which proper macarons are (that, and I’m a sucker for alliteration); but the name was actually inspired by Paula’s beloved Dalmatian, Alfie – nicknamed Alfie Moon after the cheeky pub landlord previously found on EastEnders!

Paula’s gorgeous Dalmatian pup, Alfie!

Paula very kindly sent me some of her macarons to try, and I was excited to get stuck in. I always associate macarons with afternoon tea, which is something I often enjoy with my mum on special occasions, so I was hit with lots of happy memories from my very first bite! The Moon Macarons I tried were everything a macaron should be – light, delicate, colourful, and above all, sweet and delicious. It can be quite difficult to perfect the flavouring of macarons, and when I’ve tried them before I’ve often found that they can taste very similar. However, Moon Macarons have nailed the art of creating distinct flavours whilst making sure each one is as delicious as the last.

Moon Macarons: Red Velvet, Passion Fruit, White Chocolate, Chocolate Orange, Strawberry Milkshake, Lemon, Raspberry & Cream and Biscoff

Moon Macarons currently offer a wide variety of different flavours, including red velvet, chocolate orange, lemon, passion fruit and biscoff. My personal favourite was the white chocolate macaron – made with Callebaut Belgian chocolate which is one of the finest chocolates you can buy! Pricing is very reasonable too, with prices starting at £8.00 for a box of five. Moon Macarons are also able to create bespoke ‘Macaron Tower’ table pieces for weddings, birthdays and special occasions, as well as individual macaron favours for guests to take home!

My personal favourite: the White Chocolate Macaron!

So what’s next for Moon Macarons? Paula has taken on the new challenge of perfecting a dairy-free macaron to offer to vegan or lactose-intolerant customers. She’s also planning on introducing some new flavours, including pistachio, Kinder Bueno and rose – so watch this space!

You can check out Moon Macarons on Instagram (@moonmacaronsuk) and Facebook (Moon Macarons).

By Ashleigh Goodall (Instagram – @covfoodie)

Moon Macarons gifted me some of their macarons to try in exchange for an honest review.

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