Outdoors is in the new indoors at The Yard Coventry

Things are slowly starting to return to normal here in England, we can now go to non essential shops again, get our hair cut or a beauty treatment and go out for a meal or a drink with friends as long as it’s a place with an outside seating area. 

I was in two minds when this was first announced, so excited to have a bit more freedom but worried about how it would all work with the outside seating and going back into the outside world again…I had got quite comfortable in my little lockdown cocoon! 

So when I was kindly invited down to The Yard,  I was a little anxious about going out so soon after everything reopening, but they instantly put both mine and my mum’s mind at ease when we arrived and saw how everything was. 

The Yard is the biggest LGBTQ+ Venue in Coventry and now has the largest outside space of any bar in the city, that is also mainly covered so its perfect rain or shine! There is a booking deposit at the moment to secure your table, which you get back as money off vouchers towards your drinks or food. 

When we arrived, I was happy to see despite it being quite busy (It was a Friday Evening when we went), there was still plenty of space between the tables to allow customers and staff to still social distance, masks were worn by all staff and customers were asked to wear masks when moving about or going inside the building. 

Table service was amazingly quick for how busy it seemed that night, I  don’t think we waited no longer than 5-10 minutes for our drinks that evening which was fantastic considering it was their first Friday back open and it was very popular that evening! 

And thanks to the recommendations of one of the staff, I have discovered two new favourite rums…always a big win for me! The first one being the  Bombo Caramel and Banana rum…super sweet but so good, and  Captain Morgan’s Tiki Rum which is just the perfect drink for this summer!

We also decided to try some of the food as I still haven’t tried it yet since they started doing food, and as a fairly newly vegetarian I wanted to see what they had on offer for me and fellow vegetarians or vegans,and I was excited to see a to see some new fully Vegan options on their menu which I will definitely be trying at some point! 

We decided to get something smaller, and I couldn’t resist trying the mac and cheese loaded fries which were so damn good…combo of my favourite two things! Mum tried the chicken Poutine loaded fries which she also really enjoyed. We also couldn’t resist sharing some Nachos between us…you can never beat a classic! However, I definitely need to try the mac and cheese nachos next time I’m there as they sounded heavenly! 

Overall, I was really happy to be out doing something so normal again and The yard is the perfect place for everyone, especially anyone who is  like I was and is anxious about going back out,  as they took all the safety measurements seriously without changing the amazing vibe that place has! I felt completely safe and enjoyed my time so much that I went back on Sunday and drank even more Tiki Rum! 

And if all that wasn’t amazing enough, they have so much going on over the weekends! On Fridays they have Cabaret, on Saturday nights they have DJ Simon Barker and TWO Drag bunch shows on Sundays (I was there during the first one this sunday and they are definitely not to be missed!) so I highly recommend going to The Yard for your next outdoor night out (or anytime tbh!). You can book your table here!

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