Sugar and Spice By S; Sunshine Treat Box

Ad- This post contains gifted items from Sugar and Spice. They have provided a sunshine box for free to review but have not had any control of this post, all opinions are my own.

Sugar and Spice is without a doubt my favorite baked goods company, I’ve done several orders from them in the past so was more than happy to sample the new treat boxes they are trialing during July and August. For medical purposes I need the gluten free box so that is what I will be writing about today but they do also provide standard and vegan options.

The menu changes every two weeks so you have something new and exciting to try throughout the summer and in my box I had two salted caramel and popcorn eclairs, lemon meringue and a strawberry tart.

In the past I’ve had the cupcakes, brownies, cookies and afternoon tea so this one was a bit different for me and I was so excited, They were all so beautiful and fresh, very well designed as well as suited to the summer weather. I thought these boxes would make a great gift or to share on a picnic but decided to go with the treat myself option as they all looked so amazing! I allowed the husband to have an éclair but the rest I had, starting with the strawberry tart.

The strawberry tart was so full of flavour, chopped strawberry’s on top with a tart filling in a free from base that was perfectly done. I thoroughly enjoyed eating this one sat outside as the sun set.

The following day (they kept well in the fridge overnight), I had the éclair. I have to admit, salted caramel isn’t my favourite flavour bit I did really enjoy this as they had managed to capture a great balance and the popcorn on top was a lovely little extra something. I’ll warn you, it was a messy one to eat with the cream! But worth it, just have a plate handy. I have to give kudos to Sugar and Spice on these, I’ve hardly had eclairs since needing to go gluten free, good ones are exceptionally hard to find and I absolutely love them so this fills a gap in the market for me.

Last up from the box was what I’d been looking forward to most, the lemon meringue…

Not only did this look gorgeous, but tasted great too. I am a huge lemon fan and this didn’t disappoint. I’d say I could probably have gone tarter on the lemon filling but that is just a personal preference and it was super tasty the way it was so not going to hold that against it.

With all of the deserts, they were light, delicious and they weren’t at all dry like a lot of gluten free can be so they have texture as well as taste nailed down.

It’s also worth a note that the packaging these are delivered in is all sustainable, paper bags and cardboard box, not plastic in sight which is a big win.

If you decide to go for one of these boxes, enjoy! I’m confident you will and I look forward to seeing what other boxes Sugar and Spice design.

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