This Town Is Not Ghost Town

So, it’s been two weeks since “freedom day” and Coventry, not being one to miss out, really pulled it out the bag.

With a welcomed return to nightlife, Ghost Town Series celebrated their 5th Birthday – slightly later than planned (thanks Boris) and they certainly did not disappoint.

As always Ghost Town Series are at the forefront of resurrecting Coventry’s long forgotten nightlife. Their 5th Birthday was no exception. Surrounded by the backdrop of the elegant Jacobean Hotel, the grounds were filled with food trucks to keep you dancing into the night, just a stepping stone distance from the main event, taking place under the hotels marquee.

Filled with bespoke lighting and a mega sound system, it was the perfect birthday / welcome home party for all us to rejoice in, after 18 long months of the music being out it was the perfect start to the that normality we have all been craving.

I can’t tell you how much I have missed being out surrounded by hundreds of other sweaty bodies, waiting in queue for an over-priced drink and talking to the closest stranger waiting next to you in line – Oh, it was blooming magical and so needed.

Ghost Towns Birthday bash started at 2pm, and ended at 10pm, before heading to the after party at the popular Bailey Lane Bar + Restaurant in CV1. To be honest I didn’t last until the 4am after party closing time, after 18months of early nights and green teas it may take me a couple more attempts to get back to the same level I was. However I did manage a solid 10 hours of dancing – so I give myself an A for effort.

It was hard not to dance, with some of Coventry’s latest talent setting the tone and supporting the main attraction – the infamous Bradley Zero.

Image taken from GhostTownSeries Facebook page.

Bradley Zero is one of our generations tastemakers. Founder of the Rhythm Section institution, Zero has carved out a unique role for himself within the vibrant London scene as resident club DJ, broadcaster and label boss of one of the most exciting new imprints today – Rhythm Section INTL.

Rhythm Section INTL is world renowned with, bringing him not just around the UK and Europe but to Australia, Singapore, Russia, Indonesia, Korea and Japan and now Coventry!

The night was infectious! Filled with nothing but smiling faces, good vibes, and even better music! There was even someone handing out watermelon at the end of the night. If this doesn’t sound like the best birthday party, then I can not help you.

Image taken from GhostTownSeries Facebook page,

How many of you made it to this event or made it out to the club scene since everything has opened back?

x C

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