Local Talent – Coventry Author Talks Rubbish!

An Earlsdon based author has penned a series of books aimed at young children to teach them all about the importance of recycling.

Allen Deanie was not an author… a carpet fitter by day, he was approached by his young son one day who asked him, WHY our bins have different coloured lids. Inspired by the question Allen did some research and found there really isn’t very much information aimed at young children around the topic of recycling. So he set about writing it himself and The Recykids were born!

The Recykids are a group of friends with an important message about the future of our planet. They want to help young kids (and big kids!) learn all about small changes they can make that make a big difference to our planet.

The first in the series of books follows Michael and his broken bicycle as he begins to learn that he doesn’t HAVE to simply replace his bike and there might be a better, more environmentally friendly way to get his bike fixed!

The books are aimed at Primary school aged children and a series of interactive roadshows in our local schools have also been planned to allow children to learn important lessons in a safe, fun and friendly environment.

It was also hugely important to Allen that the whole project has a very low carbon footprint and he has managed all aspects of the project from printing, illustrations, sponsorship, photography, videography and marketing within a 2 mile radius!

The books have been brought to life through the amazing support of Coventry energy company Utility Team who have sponsored all of the books.

Tobias Costar, Head of Commercial for Utility Team said “We are thrilled to be supporting Recykids in the creation of this fantastic educational series. It is more important than ever that we all, no matter what age, understand the importance of looking after our planet. At Utility Team, we are passionate about net zero and educating the next generation, so working with someone like Allen, who share the same values was an opportunity we couldn’t miss. With what started out as educating his son in recycling, it has turned into a storybook to teach children about the impact they have on the environment. We are excited to be part of bringing this project to life and really hopeful that we can get the series of books into every school in the country.

There are six further books based around the group of friends including a very special ‘Christmas Special edition’ featuring Ben Crowther who was stolen from the world aged just seven years old after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma. Proceeds from those books will go towards both Myton Hospice and Pass The Smile which is Ben’s legacy.

The very first book goes on sale on 17th Novemberr and can be bought directly via the website www.therecykids.com and the school roadshows will begin in the new year.

An important project with an even more important message for the children of Coventry and beyond.

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