This Town Is Not Ghost Town

So, it's been two weeks since "freedom day" and Coventry, not being one to miss out, really pulled it out the bag. With a welcomed return to nightlife, Ghost Town Series celebrated their 5th Birthday - slightly later than planned (thanks Boris) and they certainly did not disappoint. As always Ghost Town Series are at … Continue reading This Town Is Not Ghost Town

Homemade Music Club – Stylusboy

Stylusboy, Coventry singer-songwriter Steve Jones, creates indie folk music steeped in warm-hearted melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Influenced by cult contemporary songwriters like Damien Rice and Elliot Smith as well as classic performers such as Nick Drake and Neil Young. Stylusboy’s songs have been described as ‘absolutely brilliant’ by BBC Radio 2’s Justine Greene. Steve created his Handmade … Continue reading Homemade Music Club – Stylusboy

The Litten Tree Building Showrooms opening soon!

Coventry is getting an exciting new popup arts and culture venue in the heart of the city, called the The LTB Showrooms (Short for the Litten Tree Building), which will host exhibitions and events showcasing Coventry’s wonderful array of local artists and creative practitioners, as well as displays telling the wonderful story and of the … Continue reading The Litten Tree Building Showrooms opening soon!

Local Talent Spotlight – YNES

YNES describes herself as an amateur musician and professional f*ck up. She is a DIY musician born and based in Coventry. Although we didn’t get to sit down face to face, we did get the opportunity to ask her some questions about herself and Coventry. Moving away and coming back to the city has inspired … Continue reading Local Talent Spotlight – YNES